10 Best Torrent Sites of 2018: List of Top Free Torrenting Search Engines (Links)

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top torrent sites, list of 10 best torrent sites list, best torrenting sites, top torrenting sites, best torrent search engines, top torrent search engine sites list, free torrent sites

Best Torrent Sites: Here, we come with the most useful list of top torrent websites / search engines available over the internet today. So, from now on, you need not waste your precious time over deciding which site to go for. Torrenting sites are the best and easiest methods to download movies, software, games, music, etc. over the internet in the everyday life. It may be illegal, but still, the best way to transfer big files using P2P protocol.

Warning: This article in no way promotes or supports uploading and downloading of copyrighted content using the BitTorrent protocol. It should be kept in mind that personal use of any such copyrighted content without prior permission from the owner is illegal and termed as piracy. One should be aware of piracy laws of his region and act accordingly to avoid any problems with authorities. Let’s proceed to the list of best torrent sites.

top torrent sites, list of 10 best torrent sites list, best torrenting sites, top torrenting sites, best torrent search engines, top torrent search engine sites list, free torrent sites

What is a Torrent?

Torrent is a stream of data that allows us to download files over the internet. It is a medium to upload and download small or large data. For it, different torrent clients are used, for instance, uTorrent, BitTorrent, etc.The BitTorrent or Torrent client make use of TCP (transfer control protocol). When in use, it utilizes TCP port and the data is sent via the Peer-2-Peer trackers. Well, that’s should be sufficient for a layman.

How to Use and Download Torrent?

It can be done using various torrent clients available. The time required to upload and/or download depends on your internet speed. Here is our list of best torrent clients available. Of all the available clients, some are free to use while some are paid. You can use any of the clients to download games, films, and loads of other things. Let’s move to the list of top torrent sites.

Are Torrent Sites Legal?

Well, first of all, you should know the difference between the two – Torrent and Piracy. Torrent is legal but Piracy is not. In simple words, torrent is a medium of sending data from one place to another. But, the data could be illegal or pirated. You should be aware of the Torrent Act of your region. Downloading content which is not made available by the respective authority is illegal.

Update: Earlier, Google search used to show/display ‘best torrent sites’ carousel, but it has been removed as on July 27, 2017.

With that being said, let the countdown of best torrenting sites (best torrent search engine sites) begin…..

Top 10 Best Torrent Sites 2018

12. Rarbg

It started out as a Bulgarian tracker in 2008, and captured the hearts and minds of many video pirates. RARBG specializes in high quality video releases.

11. The Pirate Bay

Currently, it is the King of Torrents. Earlier, it was and then again became the king once again. It’s also the oldest site in this list. The past year went quite notoriously for the notorious torrent site. It is operating with its original .org TLD extension, www.thepiratebay.org.

10. Torrents.me

If you are the guy for whom it all starts with Hollywood and ends at it, lock and load this particular URL and voila! You are in wonderland.

This one is specifically known for its large collection of English and Spanish content. It provides you with the result from best sites and the most popular trackers at a single spot. Also, it combines searches from other most popular torrent sites.

The only con this has got that encourages you to use a VPN while downloading torrents. Even though it does boost one’s security and anonymity, not everyone cares enough to go through these troublesome methods.

9. Zoogle

Zoogle, as the name rhymes with a mega giant search engine, it does serve its purpose. This new entrant in the market seems to be doing great with its well-organized user interface. It can be said as one of the best torrent sites for Anime. It boasts of 3 million verified torrents.

It seems to be a paradise for the anime lovers TV Series enthusiasts. With the repository of 1265 TV shows and 128 thousand episodes, it is the place to go for!! In total, it hosts over 2.5 PB of Data, and 15.5 million files categorized properly.

8. BitSnoop.Com

They say that ‘Old is Gold’. And this is exactly what this site banks upon. It boasts of one the largest collection of torrents with the stats touching the 18 million mark. It is one of the biggest, most-secured, most reliable download, best torrent sites in the world.

And being one of the oldest in the market, it has created for itself that amazing trustworthy rapport which comes automatically with age and stability. So, you can do away with all your worries out here to browse for your content.

7. LimeTorrents

An easy to search kind of interface seems to be the forte for this particular website. The initial look of the homepage is worth an eye candy with its vibrant green mixed with yellows. It is a great KickAss alternative and as one of the top torrent sites, it offers verified and quality downloads.

And not to forget its daily growing database of well-verified torrents which now stands at 2 million now. Whether it is movies, music, anime, a game….this torrent site is the place to be. It has been an established site for more than half a decade now.

The operator runs the torrent cache iTorrents, also used by several other torrent search engines.


6. FullDLS / PearlTrees

They say that one should never judge a book by its cover and probably same goes for this site. Behind its simple easy to use front end, it holds one of the largest storehouses of verified torrents to choose from.

Whether you call it FullDLS or get to it by the name of PearlTrees.com, you are bound to land at the perfect place for the torrent search with a mammoth user base!

The only downside is the long array of annoying ads which make you cringe at the end of the day. If you are OK with it, it’s the place to be! With over 2.5 million torrents listed, it is one of the best free torrent sites.

5. Yourbittorrent.Com

The limelight of this platform is surely its very easy to use interface for uploading torrents. One can have his own torrent up and running within seconds with its ready to run style upload feature.

Users show the testimonials that it produces the best results when combined with the uTorrent client, one of the most famous one. So, it’s highly recommended that if you have got uTorrent installed on your system, you go for this one!

The website’s arrangement of torrents into different categories is also worth a mention out here. It is one of the most reliable, safe and free best torrent site.

4. Monova.Org

A very fast and efficiently running torrent search engine is surely the forte of the site! So fast that it seems that you have got a drop down list with suggestion even before you start typing. I mean speaking metaphorically!

Its simplistic and easy to use user interface is another reason for its entry into the top half of our list of best torrent websites. So it’s worth trying it out next time you go for your movie hunt.

The good thing is that one can start uploading his own files within seconds following a simple registration form. It a simple yet effective Torrent site.

3. TorrentDownload.cc

From movies to music, software to games, and anime to eBooks, you just name it and you are bound to get the best result from all the sources if you have TorrentDownload.cc in your address bar. It ranks well on the list of top torrent sites.

The advanced search mechanism allows you to have more refined searches on the go and help you land at the exact spot you were looking for without sweating a bit.

With its awesome homepage lined up with latest trending updates and inbuilt RSS updates, you are never again going to find yourself out of vogue! You can subscribe to RSS feeds to get notified of the new releases.

2. Fenopy.eu

This particular one comes equipped with its own client, packed with single click download feature. This fact makes the whole process of torrenting even easier with all tools-at-a-single-spot style of browsing. It is one of the most reliable, trusted, and best torrent sites.

Even though this site did go down for a brief period, owing to piracy laws, it was back with a bang soon enough. Its comeback avatar seems to be even more secure and reliable source that the last one!

1. YTS.ag

If you haven’t heard YIFY till now and most probably not from planet these guys call as earth. It seems as if that green YTS text followed by those three dots in the same color have become the very synonymous with the whole arena of torrenting.

Music, movies, songs, e-books, soft wares, TV series, files….and you just name it and Yify Torrents is bound to land you with the perfect torrent with a seeds-peers ratio worth vouching for. It is one of the best movie torrent sites available on the internet.

The best part is that it provides you with an assortment of results both in 720 and 1080 pixels and that too in the smallest size possible.

The awesome layout with an efficient search algorithm makes it probably the best site to start increasing that movie collection of yours.

Other best torrent search engines (2018) worth mentioning are:

  1. ExtraTorrent.cc (now ExtraTorrent.cd).

  2. Torrentz2,

  3. 1337x

  4. KickAss Torrents – thekickasstorrents.to, katcr.to

  5. TorrentDownloads.me

  6. Demonoid

  7. TorrentProject.se

  8. TorrentFunk.com

  9. TorLock.com

Conclusion – Best Torrent Sites

All the mentioned sites here are 100% working & free torrent sites, as of the writing. The free top torrent search engines list would be helpful if you are used to downloading torrents regularly. Of course, it’s difficult to remember all the names, so you can do one thing, Windows PC users can press Ctrl+D while Mac users can use Command+D to bookmark this page.

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Stay tuned to TheReporterTimes for more Torrents’ news and torrenting world updates. Is there any other top torrent website which you think should be on the list? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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