How To Fix 403 Forbidden Error (You Don’t Have Permission To Access / On This Server): What Is It and Its Solutions?

403 forbidden errors, 403 error, 403 forbidden, what is a 403 forbidden error, how to fix 403 forbidden error, HTTP 403 error
403 forbidden errors, 403 error, 403 forbidden, what is a 403 forbidden error, how to fix 403 forbidden error, HTTP 403 error

403 Forbidden: What is a 403 error (you don’t have permission to access / on this server) and how to fix it? Basically, this indicates an HTTP Status Code. What does this mean? The meaning of the error is that the page you were loading got absolutely forbidden because of some reason.

The 403 Forbidden error has been captured in many ways by the web users. Some of them I’ve shown below. Sometimes, the site with HTTP 403 error is corrected by the owner of the site.

How does the 403 Forbidden error look like?

403 forbidden errors, 403 error, 403 forbidden, what is a 403 forbidden error, how to fix 403 forbidden error, HTTP 403 error

Some of the types of 403 errors include:

  • 403Forbidden
  • HTTP 403
  • Forbidden: You don’t have permission to access [directory] on this server
  • Forbidden
  • Error 403
  • HTTP Error 403.14 – Forbidden
  • Error 403 – Forbidden
  • HTTP Error 403 – Forbidden

You can see the 403 Forbidden error appearing inside the ‘Browser’ window. Where is the 403 error most seen? It is similar to all kinds of errors and there is no specific browser where it can be only seen. It is possible to see 403 errors on any kind of browser on any operating system.

While using the Internet Explorer, there is a chance that you may get a 403 error. This error is possible to appear when your screen display comes out with a notification- ‘The website declined to show this webpage’.

Sometimes, we are trying to load a page using Microsoft Office programs. We may see our screen captured with a message- ‘Unable to open [url]. Cannot download the information you requested inside the MS Office program.’ There also we can experience 403 errors.

When going for the option of updating Windows, you may get an HTTP 403 error. Here, in this case, the screen will show the error in two ways:

  1. Error code 0x80244018

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403 Errors: Cause/Reason

Basically, one gets to experience a 403 error when he/she wish to load a page or resource which one may not be having access to. The page may be asking for some permit to access it. This may bring you out to 403 errors. While receiving a 403Error, we get to hear- ‘Go away & don’t come back here.’

There are basic three types of causes which trigger this error.

  • Empty httpdocs directory: Make sure that the content being uploaded is going to the right directory in the server (/var/www/vhosts/ If the folder doesn’t exit, feel free to create it.
  • No index page
  • Permissions and ownership errors:Rule of thumb for correct permissions:

    Folders: 755
    Static Content: 644
    Dynamic Content: 700

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How to Fix the 403 Error

Here are some ways to cope up with the 403Forbidden errors:

  • Firstly, inspect the URL errors. Plus, go to the page that has an actual file name and extension. This page should not be a directory. Some sites are blocked for the entrance of directory browsing. In such a case, you may get a 403 Forbidden error with a message. Such error is possible to come.In the case of loading the website in question, you can avoid the 403 errors. But, how is it possible? Well, here you can enable the option of directory browsing in the web server software you are using.
  • Secondly, always go for clearing out the cache memory in your browser. Sometimes, you may face a 403error if your cached version has some issue.
  • Log in to the site (assuming you own the website). Sometimes, a 403 error message may ask you to have a supplementary access while going for the option of loading the page.
    Most of the time, when there is a requirement for some permission to access the page. There you may get a 401 unauthorized error. At times, this error is replaced with 403 error.
  • Never skip clearing the cookies in your browser. Always be sure that the option of cookies is switched to enable mode in your browser.
  • Make sure that you are loading the site directly. May be the 403 errors be false. This may happen when all the users are getting this error. Plus, the website (owner) itself doesn’t know about the issue.
  • In case the error is still loading, talk to your Internet Service Provider. Also, check whether the site in question is loading in other systems at the very moment. And if the site in question is properly loading for others, there is an urgent need for contacting the internet service provider.
    May be the public IP address, or entire ISP you are using has a ‘blacklist’ status. This may lead to the situation of having a 403 Forbidden error.
  • If you are the webmaster, try disabling all the plugins. If it solves the problem, then one of the installed plugins is the culprit. Check plugins one by one.
  • For Webmaster (WordPress): Corrupt .htaccess file may be the reason. Replace it with a new one.
  • Have you verified that the site you wish to load is actually one? Is the error appearing for others too? In such a case, reload the page. Do it till the issue is resolved.

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Is the 403 Forbidden Error still appearing?

In case you have practiced all the above-mentioned steps and still receive 403Forbidden errors, let us know. You may leave a comment for the same. Be sure that it is a 403error and you have gone through each step stated above.

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Errors similar to 403

You may receive the following errors too:

  • 400 Bad Request
  • 401 Unauthorized
  • 404 Not Found
  • 408 Request Timeout

Hope you get to solve 403 Forbidden error – You don’t have permission to access / on this server. There may be some server-side HTTP status codes also like 500 Internal Server Error. For more information about the 403Forbidden errors, you may leave a comment. Stay updated, stay secure!

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