The Last Guardian Release Date & Updates: TGS Game Play Trailer Released, To Launch On December 6 for PS4?

The Last Guardian Release Date
The Last Guardian Release Date

The Last Guardian Release Date, Updates, Story, Plot: Recently, PS system update version 4.0, named as “Shingen” was released. And now the Sony Interactive Entertainment is going to release a new game, “The Last Guardian” for the PlayStation 4 users. (check: Gotham Season 3 Episode 2.)

The game was planned to be published in the year 2011 for the PlayStation 3 users, after its official announcement at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009. But it got lots of delays since 2011. The video game is an action cum adventure series which shares some of its elements from the games directed and designed by Fumito Ueda i.e. Ico (2001) and Shadow of the Colossus (2005).

The Last Guardian Release Date

It would be available on 6th December 2016 to everyone in the single-mode player. Talking about the plot of “The Last Guardian,” it has been framed upon a totally arcane and magical land, where a young boy encounters with an enormous and gigantic creature which looks like a ‘griffin.’

The creature has been named “Trico” in the game. The game had been plotted on the mental image that the young boy has been kidnapped under unknown conditions and has been taken to a massive widespread fort. As soon as the boy wakes up from his sleep, he discovers that he has got some tattoos on his body which he did not have earlier i.e. before the time of his kidnapping.

The boy with great bravery gets up and finds a way to escape from the fort. While he is on his way to escape from the fort, he meets Trico, the mysterious creature. Trico appears to be tied up with chains and also having pikes and arrows stuck all over his body.

The Last Guardian Release Date

The boy helps the creature by removing all the spikes out of his body and also unchains him. Even though the boy helped Trico, but then also Trico is arrogant and rude to the kid. But later Trico starts helping the boy and also guides him. Both of them, the young boy and the creature, Trico, attempts to escape from the fort together by diverting the attention of the guards of the fort and also attacking some of them who tries to capture them.

They both as a single unit manage to overcome all the dangers encountered by them in their path. The game is based on the bond of friendship, caring, trust and guidance developed between the young and Trico. The central concept of “The Last Guardian” is the “emotional attachment” which has been developed between the young boy and Trico.

Watch the 18 minutes of gameplay trailer from the Tokyo Game Show 2016.

Stay tuned.

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