Roman Window Blinds: How to Find the Best Quality Range

Roman Window Blinds: How to Find the Best Quality Range
Roman Window Blinds: How to Find the Best Quality Range


Windows, and more importantly, how we choose to furnish them can make a big difference in the look and feel of any room. A practically limitless supply of window dressings can please even the most demanding tastes.

From simple sheers and blinds to more complex combinations of curtains, blinds, and shades, each room is a new opportunity for expressing decorator creativity.

This article focuses in on one of the most attractive and elegant choices for window decorators, blinds. Check out the reminders below to help you find the best quality range for your window Roman-style blinds.

Fabric and Banding

This particular window decoration, when done right, can give any room a castle-like level of style, functionality, and beauty. One of the main keys to accomplishing all three qualities is fabric choice and the banding or bordering of that fabric.

Different fabric and color patterns offer varying degrees of durability and privacy. Selecting the correct density fabric for different rooms is the key to that degree of durability and privacy.

Generally, it is advisable to steer clear of extremely dense fabric since these develop creases, wrinkles and do not fold as straight as other window dressing fabric.

Medium-weight fabrics like some densities of linen, cotton, and cotton blends are the most frequently used fabric for these blinds. Their user qualities and practically limitless colors and fabric densities make them ideal choices. Wool, polyester, and silk are also popular choices.

Banding for the fabric should match the fabric type. Some order banding that is a grade denser than the blind fabric. The banding should blend in well with the blind color scheme. Banding or border also has a wear protective quality.

The band or border gives the user an area for handling the blind without directly touching the blind any more than necessary. This extends the life of the blind and adds that special treat of personalizing blinds that have a unique individual flare.

Linen or Backing

Liner or backing fabric is an important consideration for your roman window blinds. It gives the blind extra strength and helps shade the blind fabric from direct sun. The liner thickness or density should give sufficient fabric protection and be a match for the fabric it supports.

Another function of the liner is to help reduce folds and wrinkles in the body of the blind fabric. Blinds left in the same position for extended times tend to develop wrinkles and creases. Backing should reduce the development and severity or these creases.

The professionals at Budget Blinds are expert at helping customers match blind fabric with the best liner or backing. You can visit their website at: for more information, or you can call them at (866) 590-6341.


Thermal liners offer increased levels of direct sun protection, and blackout liners are options for areas like home theaters and bedrooms.

Top-Down/Bottom-Up Option

Look for blinds that have this control feature. It adds a whole new dimension to blind functionality.

Top-down/bottom-up allows the blind to be raised and lowered from the top to let light in and still offer a degree of privacy. Being able to open the blind in either direction or both at the same time offers a new decorative angle as well.

Cordless Lift or Continuous Loop Cord

Cordless lift removes that long dangling cord that is sometimes annoying to some and an irresistible toy for pets. Cordless lift or continuous loop cord keeps the cord well away from such potential dangling cord mishaps.

Child Safety

As of December 2018, Window Covering Manufacturers Association has put into place a standard that bans sales of blinds with excessively long cords.

This action was based on a 25-year study that revealed over 17,000 children, younger than six years of age, had been admitted to hospital emergency rooms due to injuries resulting from blind cord accidents.

If small children live in the home, make sure these window blinds do not have long cords if they are of the pre-2018 variety.

Additionally, for safety sake, relocate any furniture located near blinds. Shorten cords and take the time to hang them or tuck them out of the reach of small children. The best quality range blinds will have already addressed this safety concern.

Coordination or Mix-and-Match Options

Many decorators prefer to add grommet or rod pocket draperies or sheers to color-coordinate these blinds. Choose a quality range blind that furnishes these additional decorating options. They can add so much to the appearance of window blinds.


Every best quality product has a solid warranty. For blinds, the warranty should cover operational and durability guarantees. Check out fabric warranties and the mechanical mode of operation warranty for the shades purchased.


Use these guidelines to guide search out the best quality range for Roman-style blinds. They are the ultimate route for window decoration flexibility. The options are available for creating windows that really catch the eye are plenteous and amazing.

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