Solar cells efficiency boosted with Novel Coating

Solar panel efficiency can now be a new trend in the competitive development of renewable sources, according to the reports three engineers including one engineer of Indian origin have discovered Novel Coating cools down the solar panel in order to increase the efficiency.

Solar cells convert photons into electricity to produce the energy, Novel coating cools down the cells while performing this task, which results in better efficiency of the Solar Panel.

The invention will lead solving problems of many people, the major problem with the Solar cells was depletion of the efficiency after a progressive increase in the heat. This technology will give a boost to the Solar Industry.

The work by Shanhui Fan, professor of electrical engineering, research associate Aaswath P Raman from Stanford University and doctoral candidate Linxiao Zhu is based on a thin, patterned silica material laid on top of a traditional solar cell which have surprisingly increased the average heat resistance of the solar cell.

The material is a transparent one and emits thermal radiation caused by Sunlight.

“Solar arrays must face the Sun to function even though that heat is detrimental to efficiency,” Fan said.

“Our thermal overlay allows sunlight to pass through, preserving or even enhancing sunlight absorption, but it also cools the cell by radiating the heat out and improving the cell efficiency,” he added.

“That is not necessarily the only way. New techniques and machines for manufacturing these kinds of patterns will continue to advance. I am optimistic,” Raman noted.

In 2014, the same trio invented an ultra-thin element that illuminate infrared heat directly back toward space without heating up the atmosphere.

The research was detailed in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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