This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine (Windows 7 Build 7600/7601): Error Easy Fix

This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Fix
This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Fix

This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Fix: We all get the error message “this copy of windows is not genuine” after some time if we install a pirated OS and after that, you may get a blank screen so here are some steps to fix this. Before going for steps we want to let you know that these steps only helps you to run your pirated OS without problems and do not convert non-genuine OS to genuine.

And a piece of advice from our side, never buy genuine OS from the third party because I’ve seen people getting the error message even after they pay for genuine OS but to the third party so always buy from Microsoft Windows store so that Microsoft may help you in any such case. We’ll tell you 3 steps to fix the error. You’ll stop seeing the error after 2nd step itself but you must follow 3rd step so that you don’t get that message again and these steps work for 32 bit as well as the 64-bit version of Windows 7.

This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Fix

This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Fix

FIX 1: – Uninstall update KB971033

The main reason behind getting that Microsoft Windows copy not genuine error is that your window has an updated file which can detect your windows OS. So you must uninstall update before moving further. Now, you only need to do this if you see the update else you can skip this step.

  1. Open control panel.
  2. Go to windows update section.Click on view installed updates.
  3. After loading all installed updates, check for update “KB971033” and uninstall.
  4. Restart your PC. If you don’t see the mentioned update, you need not uninstall any update. You can leave this step and proceed to the second step.

FIX 2: – Use SLMGR-REARM command

Now you need to do this.

  1. Go to start button
  2. Type CMD in the search box.
  3. You’ll see command prompt option.Now open it in Run as Administration by right click on need to run it as Administration otherwise the command will not work.
  4. Type SLMGR-REARM  (SLMGR is a tool which manages Windows software license. REARM is a command which resets license status of the machine.) and press enter.
  5. You’ll see a window, click ok.
  6. Now restart the PC and you’ll never see this error message. If this command didn’t do its work then try SLMGR/REARM

SLMGR-REARM must work for Windows 32 bit may work for 64 bit too but if it didn’t then only try SLMGR/REARM.


FIX 3: – Turn the updates off

Since you’re not using genuine OS and you’re not permitted to get uodates so turn off update or else you’ll get the message again. Just follow the steps given below.

  1. Go to Control Panel.
  2. Click Windows Update.
  3. Click Install updates automatically (Recommended).
  4. You must select Never Check for Updates (Not recommended).

FIX 4: Use rsop.msc command

  • Press Windows button and R button from the keyboard.
  • Type rsop.msc there and press Enter button.
  • Go to Windows settings> security system> system services, then look for the plug and the play services, then right click on it and then start looking for the Startup and then click on the Automatic.
  • Press Windows button and R button as you did at the first step.
  • Paste a command gpupdate/force into the run box.
  • Hit Enter button.
  • Restart your PC.

Change the background if you see a blank screen after completing the above steps.

If you’re getting the error even after doing every step then reinstall Windows 7 from any CD/DVD and then follow every step again. Now you won’t get ” this copy of windows is not genuine ” error.

Now when you do all this properly, you won’t see the message again and can use the OS forever but without updates.

Effects of This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine

You will find the following annoying and irritating problems with the Windows 7 build 7600/7601 this copy of Windows is not genuine message.

  • You can’t permanently set the desktop background. It will get converted into the black screen after 60 minutes if you change it.
  • The issue may degrade the performance of your PC including its speed.
  • You won’t be able to access some Windows attributes like the personalization of the desktop screen.
  • The battery may get drained quickly.
  • The error message will appear on every application while working on the computer. It gets irritating.

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