Archer Season 9: Release date and everything we know so far

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Archer Season 9: The set-up for the new installment of Archer will be made visible in a tropical paradise. However, there is still time to officially hear regarding the confirmed release date.

In a conversation with the showrunner and creator, Adam Reed, it was revealed that the story is likely going to last two more seasons. Season 10 will probably be the last for the animated intelligence workplace light entertainment.

According to Reed: “The finale will be shown in the Season10. I am not aware regarding what others say about this, but I am pretty sure with my plans to conduct Season8, 9 and 10 each of which will have just eight episodes and then the conclusion will be drawn there. I was thinking to take the final jump in the season 8 itself but then suddenly some new ideas hit my mind that I could carry on three more seasons. The upcoming three seasons will be quite different from the previous seasons.”

Last June, the news was out regarding the renewal of “Archer” with three more seasons as announced by FX. Moreover, Reed mentioned that the next seasons will feature only 8 episodes. Earlier, the seasons were premiered with 13 episodes, except seasons 1 and 7 which comprised of 10 episodes.

‌Archer Season 9: Release Date

Production Company Floyd County Prod.
Country of Origin United States
No. of Episodes 8
Original Channel FXX
Premiere Airdate 2018
Finale Airdate TBA
Home Video Release
DVD ( Region 1 ) TBA

Archer season 9 will be premiered in 2018. The previous installments were aired sometime in the late March or early April. Probably, the release date for Season9 might fall somewhere between the same time. There hasn’t been any official date out for the release yet. We’ll be updating the article as soon as we hear more.

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Archer Season 9: News and updates

At the SDCC 2017, it was hinted that we’ll be catching the brand new season 9 with the theme “Danger Island.”

According to Matt Thompson, season9 will be taken place in 1939 after Germany has appended Austria and Japan to conquer China. The seaplane pilot, namely, Sterling Archer is putting his efforts to carry on his alcoholic lifestyle in French Polynesia. Therein, the story just begins when Archer’s island home is on the verge of danger.

Archer Season 9 Cast

Aisha Tyler will be playing the role of a princess in season9. And Jessica Walter will be back to her character as Malory Archer.

Amber Nash’s Pam is renewed this installment as Archer’s co-pilot. Judy Greer’s Charlotte will be seen serving as an heiress who has arrived this island for enjoying her honeymoon. Moreover, Chris Parnell will be playing as a German office. And Lucky Yates as Archer’s dearest parrot.

Thompson said that he will try to bring the show back to its fun roots as it took some surprisingly dark turns last installment. The theme for this installment has been inspired by the 1960s live-action adventures set in the tropics.

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