Good Behavior Season 3 Release Date: Is there any renewal possible? Canceled?

good behavior season 3 release date, good behavior season 3 trailer, good behavior season 3 cast, good behavior season 3 spoilers, good behavior season 3 episodes
good behavior season 3 release date, good behavior season 3 trailer, good behavior season 3 cast, good behavior season 3 spoilers, good behavior season 3 episodes

Good Behavior Season 3: The TNT’s feminist drama waved off in December 2017 for its second installment. Now, the fans may be waiting to know, when is the season 3 of Good Behavior will release. Woefully, to justify the question, any answer hasn’t been out yet. The show hasn’t been renewed officially until now.

But. there could be a probability of getting a new hit season soon. Season 1 premiered in November 2016. Season 2 was released in October 2017. But as of now, the team of Good Behavior hasn’t come up with any update regarding the renewal, officially yet. Moreover, even if the show does enter any renewal stage, viewers may have to wait for a while to catch up on any further episodes.

Good Behavior Season 3 Release Date

The American drama TV series has been picked from the novel series by Blake Crouch. The future of Good Behavior seems bright and the viewers have a reason to have hope for the show’s renewal. The drama has captured a prominent number of 93 percent favorable audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, in spite of the fact that critics gave it a rocky start.

Television critics have given it positive reviews. The well-suited title given to GoodBehavior calls it most suspenseful drama seen. No doubt, most of the series has covered some suspenseful activities. But “Good Behavior” has come up with great response in this regard. TNT doesn’t have a lot of programming right now. So, it should arrive next year.

The second installment saw a decrease of 20% compared to the first. It never got a wide audience. Its Live+Same day ratings have been low throughout the show. So, it seems that the show will close with its final chapter. However, the show has done a solid business on delayed viewership – like its streaming service. It drew the younger audience and became a cult favorite.

TNT and TBS president Kevin Reilly told TheReporterTimes that he doesn’t see many seasons of Good Behaviour, but they haven’t ended it yet.

good behavior season 3 release date, good behavior season 3 trailer, good behavior season 3 cast, good behavior season 3 spoilers, good behavior season 3 episodes
good behavior season 3 release date

Just after the launch of series, Variety’s Sonia Saraiya had written that Michelle Dockery (Good Behavior’s lead), who earlier showed remarkable performance as Lady Mary in Downton Abbey, appears similar to a British pageant queen fallen into the hinterlands of North Carolina. Moreover, the storyline of the show resembles much like “a partially framed show that is stressing more to do too much.”

Unquestionably, Dockery consumed a vast leap to cover the journey from a prim and proper British Heiress on “Downton” to a drug-addicted con artist from the States. However, it looks like that she’s brought up her own in the character of Good Behavior’s Letty in the past two seasons. Moreover, she seems to have indulged in her character, completely and shows her great skills to further sharpen the role.


  • Michelle Dockery (Letty Raines),
  • Terry Kinney (Christian),
  • Lusia Strus (Estelle),
  • Nyles Steele (Jacob Raines),
  • Joey Kern (Rob),
  • Maria Botto (Ava Pereira)
  • Juan Riedinger (Teo).

TNT on YouTube

In a conversation with Parade magazine in October 2017, she revealed: “The identity of Letty has taken over my real identity somewhat. This is an honour to me. In some way or other, we are carried more towards the direction which reflects out our best version. Moreover, she has acted as a con artist, a thief and an ex-drug addict which seems like add-ons in her roles. This is just the human part of her which is being depicted in her roles. Though she just wishes to modify herself in a better way and she’s flawed here. She’s far away from being perfect, so I think people will recognize her alike the same way they do with Javier.”


The thunderous relationship between Letty and the hitman Javier is one more fascinating addition to the show that the audience will probably be craving to see more in the new Good Behavior season 3.

In the same interview, Dockery said: “They always find ways to tackle the troubling situation This is like a brilliant thing about them and the viewers refer this by saying it that they’re the present-day Bonnie and Clyde even more than they appeared in the last year. There’s no decided way about which turn will be taken now or then. This makes it more thrilling to watch.”

Moreover, she doesn’t think that Lady Mary and Letty are all that dissimilar, either, although they, unfortunately, are present in far different situations. Dockery hinted Entertainment Tonight earlier this year by saying: “The best part to watch is that Letty and Mary are both composite and deeply distorted women.”

In addition, she said her voice becomes more strong as GoodBehavior carries on the journey ahead in terms of where her role take the twists and turns. However, she also spoke about the heaviness of the authority and responsibility that comes up along with the things to the show writers.

She added: “After a period of two years, there is a conversation which is highlighted regarding the journey so far between Dockery and the writers. Moreover, she discussed the outlet that the whole “Good Behaviour” team including co-creator, executive producer and showrunner (Chad Hodge) is alike an associate and maintains the belief to make the show a team effort which generates inputs from people in each particular department makes the show work.”

Good Behavior season 2 has certainly had it’s good and bad for its cast and characters. The role of Letty was reflected to take a dark turn in the earlier episodes by shooting and murdering two men.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Hodge said: “Letty has very clearly defined the bad things that she usually does, the killing will never be a part of them. And eventually, she has killed not one but two people within just a short span of time (10 seconds). This is just very quick to adopt a passion of a killer that keeps on repeating the same bad. Hereby, she stands with a close-up to a lot of responses very quickly, which hasn’t been a part of my experience till now. However, it may be like a real thing for your mind. There’s no reason to not call it a thrill action.”

On the other hand, considering the effects this could leave on Letty – GoodBehavior might be coming up for a cliffhanger of heroic portions to make a set-up following the wait for an embryonic Good Behavior Season 3.

What do you think about the Good Behavior season 3 release date? Share in the comment box below. For more updates and news hub, stay tuned!

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  1. My friends and I absolutely love Good Behavior!! It is totally different than anything that is on television at this time. We never know what will occur in any of the episodes and because we do not have an inkling as to what will come next, dialogue takes place as we try to figure out what the next move will be regarding Letty and Javier, as well as the other members of the cast. The Good Behavior show is straight out fantastic!! We certainly hope there will be a season 3. All of my colleagues and friends have said the same to me. We’ll keep a dililgent watch to see if we can find out what will happen next in temrs of possible renewal . . . Hopefully we will be viewing season 3 in a few months, if not before!!.

  2. Hope it’s renewed for season 3. It’s fresh, it’s new, it’s got great writing and acting. In my view, it’s the best thing on TV in the past five years. Please bring it back.

  3. I love love love Good Behavior. Like everyone else who has stated, it’s fresh and there’s nothing else like it one television. Great love story between misfits where you really find yourself rooting for them to have a normal life but unfortunately everytime they try something else happens. So hoping for season 3. I miss the show terribly.

  4. Good Behavior is the best show on TV! We are anxiously awaiting season 3 because it’s so addicting! It takes you by surprise every time and blows you away! The characters are likable villains you actually want to cheer for when things go their way, which can turn on the dime! Every episode is a wild ride! Please keep this show going!!!!PLEASE!!!!

  5. Is the show seriously canceled! I sure hope not this show is not the average “goodie-goodie feel good” that others prob want which they are a dime a dozen! Every other dang show is just not cutting it! Till this show came out it was daring and hit home to a lot of “REAL LIFE SITUATIONS! and a lot of us can relate to Letty and her struggles with addiction and or child custody issues and cant forget the clepto part of it lol but I loved seeing what and how far she would go to get what she wants! Not ever have I seen a great show and directors not afraid to make it HOT AND MMMM RACEY! And some of us like it that way! So to wrap up my rant NETFLIX PLEASE PICK UP THIS SHOW! ANOTHER HIT UNDER THE BELT AGAINST CABLE CRAPPY CRAP! LOL!! BOOOOO YOU SUCK TNT!!!!


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