Downton Abbey Season 7 Release Date: Dockery says film adaptation of the series is possible

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Downton Abbey Season 7: Earlier, two years back, an affirmation was clicked by Carnival Films and ITV Studios that season 6 would be the ultimate finale for the historical period drama series. Despite the statement, the audience still has the expectation to catch up with the series and their favorite characters one more time. That could be either as a spin-off series or a film adaptation.

The series has been created by Julian Fellowes and co-produced by Carnival Films and Masterpiece. Since season 6 finale, we haven’t heard any updates for the new season. There hasn’t been any official confirmation regarding the renewal. However, the six-season series was dropped with 52 episodes in total. Now, it seems that there aren’t any renewal reports so far.

Downton Abbey Season 7 Release Date

But, the viewers are expecting a Downton Abbey movie. Is there a possibility of the project renewal? Read out the article to explore the upcoming.

Michelle Dockery (DowntonAbbey’s alum), recently revealed the fact that there could be a probability of a Downton Abbey film adaptation. At the premiere of “The Sense of an Ending” in New York City, it was seen that the “Good Behavior” star adorned its red carpet. Further, she was questioned by the fans regarding the cast renewal in the DowntonAbbey.

However, no reactions were made by Dockery on the upcoming film adaptation. She said: “there is still a possibility of the project to be worked upon. But not as a new season. Probably, it would be in the form of a movie.” Moreover, she focussed on the fact that such ambitious projects need time to take place. So the audience needs to wait for more updates.

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“In order to bring the 18 actors together at the same time on the same platform, it comes likes a dare. Probably, I m hoping that results will be much better than the execution obstacles,” she added.

The original series included Dockery as one of the three daughters of the Earl of Grantham, Countless of Grantham, Robert Crawley (Huge Bonneville) and Cora Crawley (Elizabeth McGovern). She was given the character of Lady Mary Crawley which had two other sisters, namely, Lady Edith Crawley played by Laura Carmichael and Lady Sybil Crawley played by Jessica Brown Findlay.

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In the series, Dockery’s character was present from 2010 to 2015. When she left the show, she got connected with “Good Behavior” just a year after in which she was assigned as a cast member portraying the role of Letty.

Now, Dockery is seen associating with the drama film, namely, “The Sense of an Ending.” The drama is picked from the novel of the same name by Julian Barnes. Nick Payne (writer) and Ritesh Batra (director) showed their best efforts to make the film. The fans can watch the movie in the nearby theatres starting this Friday, March 10.

The journey of Dockery with the series was amazing to watch. And her later projects turned out to be great hits. More to say, the future will reveal new updates regarding the film.

The series is not going to be renewed for the next season. But don’t be sad on this note. There is a chance to catch up with the Downton Abbey movie. The film adaptation hasn’t been officially confirmed but the possibility of its coming is high. In the coming time, we’ll get to explore the release date and the star cast.

Are you excited about the film adaptation of Downton Abbey or season 7? For more updates and news hub, stay tuned!


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