Daredevil Season 3: Netflix Release date and everything we know so far

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Marvel’s Daredevil season 3 is definitely coming back. And this has turned official! The American television series drama is renewed again. Its future was up in the air for a while. Check out the latest information for the next season in the article.

Daredevil Season 2: Finale and the defenders

Season 2 ended with an episode titled ‘A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen.’ The closer featured the following events. Let’s have a quick look at the summary.

  • Matt Murdock was seen making an agreement with his on/off lady love Elektra Natchios to depart from New York with each other.
  • Daredevil defeats The Hand. But not alone, indeed asking for a small help from Frank Castle / The Punisher. And his old mentor, namely, Stick comes back to end Nobu.
  • Elektra was killed by Nobu, shattering Matt.
  • Foggy Nelson accepts the job with the company of Jeri Hogarth (employer of Jessica Jones), vanishing the unsettled Nelson and Murdock law firm.
  • Matt Murdock disclosed about his superhero alter ego to his another on/off lady love Karen Page.
  • The remaining members of The Hand escape with Elektra’s body.

The recurrence of DD is visible in teamup series “The Defenders” right through the system of which Elektra was seen reviving in the form of The Hand’s redoubtable tool, apparently murdered again after that. Alike the way Elektra was entombed under the subsided Midland Circle building, the same appears to Matt.

Earlier, he was assumed dead by Foggy and Karen, but by some means remained alive and was next seen recovering. The nun commanded: “Ask Maggie to come. Tell her that he’s awake.”

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Daredevil Season 3 Release Date: When will it come to Netflix?

Just within four months since season 2 premiered, Marvel’s head of TV (Jeph Loeb) declared officially at San Diego Comic-con on July 22, 2016, Daredevil has been renewed for the next installment.

Although the viewers were expecting to catch the brand new episodes the very next year. Ted Sarandos (Netflix’s boss) subsequently advised monition…

The news revealed that Marvel and Netflix have a whole slate and along with “Iron Fist” and team up series “The Defenders” both will be premiering in 2017. Probably, the viewers need to wait until 2018 to see more episodes of “Daredevil.” The same goes for the second seasons of “Jessica Jones” and “Luke Cage.”

Later, it was heard from Charlie Cox showing confirmation that he’ll come again to shoot Daredevil in late 2017, which would probably merge up with his schedule. Moreover, a fan photo was soon out after that confirming that the shooting began in New York for season 3.

Daredevil Season 3: Is Matt Murdock alive?

Earlier, the finale of “The Defenders” appeared to confirm that Matt Murdock’s following adventures will be stimulated by the much-praised popular comicbook arc, “Born Again” (1986).

Matt’s prolonged missing mother’s name is Maggie. In the Born Again comic book arc, she portrays the role of a nun. Therein, she cures Matt by nursing him back to health when he was fighting with death.

More casting in the arc includes Wilson Fisk. Moreover, there was a close disclosure of Daredevil’s real identity. This was a major twist portended in Daredevil’s season 2. Simultaneously, a jailed Fisk was at the point of re-examining the injury which occurred to him in a clash with Murdock that put a cut on his lip. Apparently, recalled the same harm being imposed upon him by Daredevil when he was arrested.

Daredevil Season 3 Trailer

Along with the declaration of season 3, it was followed up by a first look teaser. This seems to be an amazing news to catch up with. Therein some of the cast members show their appearance which is confirmed for the next season.

What are you waiting for? Check out the official trailer!

Daredevil Season 3: Cast & characters

Till now, there hasn’t been any hard-rock verification on the cast & characters list. However, series orderly stars – Elden Henson (Foggy Nelson), Charlie Cox (Matt Murdock / Daredevil) and Deborah Ann Woll (Karen Page) will surely return.

In addition, Elodie Yung’s reborn “Elektra” is likely to feature to some extent. And Vincent D’Onofrio’s crime boss Wilson Fisk has also been confirmed to reprise his role.

Speaking up the part of Kingpin, there is another disclosure that ‘Hart of Dixie’ actor Wilson Bethel will be showing his company in the cast portraying the role of an FBI agent who is laboriously engaged in the skirmish between Daredevil and Kingpin.

In the list, we also have Rosario Dawson’s fellow worker of heroes Claire Temple. Her next appearance will be seen in “Luke Cage” Season 2. However, it could be a chance to have a reunion of her with Matt Murdock again.

Seemingly, Frank Castle is less fortunate along with Jon Bernthal’s vigilante having employed Daredevil in the form of launchpad for retaining him for his Netflix series. There’s no clear statement out whether he’ll be back or not in 2018.

Daredevil Season 3 Villains: Bullseye Coming?

Having fought The Kingpin and The Punisher, undoubtedly DD’s everlasting nemesis Bullseye is coming up while checking out the list of showrunners Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez!

Initially, came to comics in 1976 – Bullseye is actually a hitman with supernatural aim and is plausibly Matt Murdock’s greatest tenacious and horrifying enemy.

Going back in April 2015, quite soon from the debut of Daredevil’s season 1, it was revealed by Charlie Cox that: “at a moment, I assumed that our arrangement to step till the Bullseye has been possible. I perceive like he will be saying yes to show his presence.”

Cox repeatedly mentioned his wish to face off along with Bullseye a year succeeding. “There’s no point left for me to think about skipping doing a run of Daredevil wherein Bullseye won’t be appearing at some point of time. In my thoughts, I would like to say that it’s a very interesting character to focus the attention and also considering the history that Bullseye has with Karen Page is a fascinating dynamic.”

Is there a possibility of seeing the completion of Charlie’s desire? Let’s see what time shows!

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daredevil season 3

Daredevil Movie: Will he be a part of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe?

The discussion relating to the crossover between Marvel’s large-screen attempts and their small-screen brother or sister can someday take the shape of a controversial dispute.

Preceding to this year, Nate Moore (Marvel’s producer) highlighted the fact that it was seemingly feasible for Daredevil to cast a leap. That idea was absolutely creative according to him.

Maybe, with no surprise, Charlie Cox is also stepping in. Moreover, in April 2016 – the actor showed confirmation that his contract deal comprises a section for Marvel’s film production.

He said: “When I agreed with the contract for the show, I remarked the signature on various years for ‘Daredevil’ and, for sure, ‘The Defenders’ – and the wrap up also includes a lucky chance to be a part of the movies.”

“This would be adding excellence to my thoughts. There’s no way one would think of skipping this golden chance. It’d be marvelous,” he added.

For more updates and daredevil season 3 news, stay tuned!


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