Dark Deception Chapter 5 Release Date 2021 Storyline

Dark Deception Chapter 5
Dark Deception Chapter 5

It’s been a long time since a good horror video game was released; the Dark Deception Chapter 5 release date is being speculated to be out in public soon by the video game producers. Still, we have some inside news for true lovers of horror video games.

The fictional horror game Dark Deception Chapter 5 will continue the story ended at Chapter 4. Fictional characters of Slender Man, La Llorona, Jason Voorhees are expected to continue their appearance in the upcoming chapter.

The first chapter of Dark Deception was launched in September 2018, developed on Unreal Engine 4. Since then, the developers have kept on releasing the new versions of Dark Deception with no delay. The fact that most of the people were staying at their houses helped Dark Deception gain more popularity.

The release date period between the two chapters was less than a year. The fourth chapter was released in September 2021, and the fifth chapter is expected to come very soon. The release date gap between the second and the third chapter was only a few months.

Dark Deception Chapter 5 Storyline

Dark Deception is a first-person horror game. Developed by Glowstick Entertainment, Vincent initially proposed the game in later 2014. The game got an excellent response from the backers, and the Kickstarter campaign for fundraising began around January 2015. Since then, it doesn’t take much time for Dark Deception to ride the top charts.

The game is played from the first-person perspective of Doug Houser, who is a criminal defence attorney. He is introduced into a Ballroom by a woman name Bierce. To enjoy living again, he has to endure pain and pass through any number of trials. Every trial has various portals, and he has to collect soul shards to win the game. The challenge is against the masters at every stage who will repeatedly try to stop you. Malak is the ultimate leader of all the monsters and holder of the ring.


Dark Deception Chapter 5 Release Date

Dark Deception doesn’t have a fixed release date, but we can expect the fifth chapter of the series during the eve 2022. So the expected release date would be anywhere around February 2022 based on the past trends.

Dark Deception Chapter 5 first part will be released before the second part, Level 9,10 and Level 11, 12, respectively.

Vincent Linings shared on Twitter that he is now considering giving the game releases quickly to the viewers. Both the parts are expected to be released before earlier estimates.

Many fans supported the idea of releasing the game based on every level, which will reduce the time gap in Dark Deception Chapter 5 Release Date. However, since the season of holidays will begin in less than two months, it’s not vital to expect Dark Deception Chapter 5 Release during 2021.

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