Kengan Omega Chapter 128 Spoilers and Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 128
Kengan Omega Chapter 128

Kengan Omega Chapter 128 Spoilers: We’ve seen the double knockout tournaments kicking off in Kengan Omega. Kauzuha is still coping himself up with the Fie’s skill. Fie ditched the massive strike in the last episode and landed multiple shots. Takeshi’s life is in danger after learning the fact of newly developed skills in Kengan Omega.

In the Kengan Omega Chapter 127, we’ve learned that Okubo is already giving up much because of Fei’s newly developed fast skills. Even the mightiest fighter, Takeshi Watatsuki, will also be fearing against Fei in Kengan Omega Chapter 128.

Some fighters wonder the secret behind these newly developed powers, while some doubt a false play in all this journey. There is no real sense for an extreme fighter like Fei to hide his powers till now. Takeshi is repeatedly trying to get back on his feet with all the failed attempts to win the fight.

Takeshi, however, is still trying to win the impossible fight with all the power left. In a flashback, we’ve seen Takeshi gaining powers that are at least ten times stronger than his current powers. Will those powers in flashback be a turning point for Takeshi’s game?

It’s quite evident that Fei gained the power recently by hook or crook, or was it a secret he was supposed to take to his grave?

Kengan Omega Chapter 128: What We Know so far

Kengan Omega Chapter 128

Takeshi has been fighting for almost ten years now in which he has only lost three fights. The fourth fight will bring a hall of shame to his name even if he survives. The three winners who’re able to defeat Takeshi by now are Agito, Ohma, Hatsumi Sem. In the battle, we have seen Fei convincing Takeshi give up the fight and save his life.

Takeshi tries to grapple Fei with his hands revealing the ultimate force. But Fei seems to be unbothered about every amount of force Takeshi puts on controlling him. Koga and Julius Reinhold wish for Takeshi’s win after seeing the success for the first time.


Fei attempts to cut through his arms only to recall the time when Tokita Niko guided him to defeat the elite Kengan Association fighter to win the trial. It was the last chance to prove his powers for Fei, and he was not in the mood to miss that. The moments bring out emotional best for fans after watching Tokita Niko’s advice about Tokita Ohma.

Realizing what’s at stake for him, Fei brings out the ultimate power never-before-seen in the history of Kengan Omega, which reveals the Takeshi flying all above with no barriers. He used the Divine Demon Maximum power to defeat Takeshi.

Takeshi tries to repeal the position by powering up with the unsuccessful attempts with Blast core. Fei proved himself a hell of a dodger even in the worst scenarios. The power fades up eventually for Fei, and he returns to his skinny body. Judges tied up the match, and it became a double KO.

Kengan Omega Chapter 128 is important because it will unfold a lot of mysteries for Fei and Takeshi.

Kengan Omega Chapter 128 Spoilers

Kengan Omega Chapter 128 Spoilers: The odds are in Takeshi’s favor; we know how he can reveal the 10x powers and finish Fei in one go. Also, Fei’s ultimate power has been oddly revealed due to the recent fight off, giving an advantage to Takeshi to restore balance.

Kengan Omega Chapter 128 Release Date

The final battle episode of Fei vs. Takeshi will be telecast on Friday, 1 October 2021.

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