Days of Our Lives (DoOL) Spoilers & Plot: Sami Brady returns on August 23

days of our lives spoilers
days of our lives spoilers

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: On August 23, 2018, Thursday episode of DoOL, the fans will get to witness a wedding full of shock and surprises for John and Marlena. Due to Sami, the things won’t work out as per the planning. Sami Brady will return for the first after being seen in December 2017 for the last time, when she had a one-night stand with Rafe.

Though Sami told Marlena and John that due to her embarrassment she is keeping herself away from the wedding but she will attend the function anyway. It seems that we will get to understand why it is termed as the shotgun wedding. Her rivalry with her sister-in-law in not ending soon. The legendary soap opera surprises all as usual.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers

At the ‘Jarlena’ wedding, Rafe will make Sami getting arrested. It will be a shocking showdown with Hope. She had just forgiven Rafe for his mistake, but showing up of Sami might arise the hurt feeling in her again. Also, Sami’s son Will will bring a bang of his own. Will has just recently insisted Sonny that he is happier with Paul and doesn’t love him. But, he will suddenly remember his life with Sonny.

It will be interesting to see if Dr. Rolf’s formula worked or has he remembered on his own. He got some of his memories back but they didn’t come with feelings. But, Will remembers marrying Sonny and their whole life together. On one hand, Sonny is bound and seems determined to forget everything about his life with Will.

On the other hand, Will is getting flashbacks and memories flooding back to him. Let’s see if they get back together or the new feelings for Paul win over the previous one?


Days of Our Lives airs on NBC at 1 pm ET.

days of our lives spoilers
days of our lives spoilers

Days of our Lives spoilers for Thursday August 23:

  • Today, Alison Sweeney returns to Days as Sami Brady. Sweeney previews that Sami does not bring a baby – Rafe’s baby with her as expected.
  • Will has a miraculous breakthrough.

Days of our Lives spoilers for Friday August 24:

A shocking twist leads to total chaos at the wedding.


Days spoilers for Monday August 27:

John is horrified when he realizes Marlena has been shot!

Days spoilers for Tuesday August 28:

Rafe arrests Sami.

Days spoilers for Wednesday August 29:

Sami has a major showdown with Hope.

Days spoilers for Thursday August 30:

As she comforts Eric, guilty Jennifer decides to come clean about what happened with Nicole.

Days spoilers for Friday August 31:

  • Eve finds Brady and Kristen in a compromising position.
  • Paul and Sami’s confrontation with Kristen takes a horrific turn.
  • Today, Stephen Nichols exits Days when Steve is arrested off-screen for espionage.

Coming up!

  • Claire’s roomies are unable to find her.
  • Paul has very surprising news for Will.
  • Sami connects with Will once again.
  • Eve is in danger.
  • Kayla prepares to tell Steve the truth.
  • Shawn and Belle make peace over Ben living at the loft with Claire, Ciara and Tripp.

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