28 Months Later: 28 Weeks Later Sequel Release Date and Everything We Know

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28 Months Later: How can we miss the release date and spoilers to the 28 Weeks Later sequel? No chance! Huge buzz is surrounding the topic. In this light, some key names are heard. Not even a single name can be missed. The audience is curious to know everything about it. How can we break their curiosity level? But this will be much more exciting for them to hear. So, here we are with the names we know so far. Read out the article to know about them…

Firstly, let’s have some talk about Danny Boyle. The director who originally created 28 Days Later. In a conversation with him, we get to hear more about his possibility to return to the board. He reported to IGN about his interest in the movie so far. He wishes to make a comeback if the movie takes a different turn in the direction.

28 Months Later Release Date

Boyle thinks of revealing something that is worth watching for the audience. And now he seems to be bored of the earlier concepts. So, Danny thinks of fading them and making some new experiences. After the audience has watched the movie, Danny wishes to hear some questions like: How are you making this thing happen? Won’t you face any problem with this stuff? And so…

What he wished to do is that to reach the level which people think is one step ahead of ease and comfort! No doubt, this seems like a new thought evolved. But its accomplishment is quite hard to reach. Danny isn’t filled with any denial of his theory. And so is ready to go on this journey.

New happenings are always praised by audience. No one wishes to miss the applause. And so do Danny wants. Actually, the audience needs to look something that has never happened before. This will make them feel excited to watch more.

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Right now, Boyle seems busy with some stuff. Recently, he completed the sequel to ‘Trainspotting.’ In a conversation with him, we get to hear that he is quite known to Ales Garland’s script for 28 Months Later

. While going through that script, he complimented it as one of a lovely script written. With his views, he somewhat matched with Garland.

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Garland is also hunting for something that is away from the zombie-themed shows. This is already been a hit. And now, its’ time for more things to be around.

Alex Garland was the first to put a confirmation stamp on the movie. Then the writer from ‘The Beach’, ‘Ex Machina’, and 28 Days Later showed some light on the movie events. The work-in-progress state will be carrying its’ journey forward with the producer Andrew McDonald.

Earlier, Garland wasn’t that deep into the idea of 28 Days Later trilogy. However, he let the ideas come without any intention. There has been no official confirmation word from Boyle, but the director has already hinted that it’s in the pipeline.

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