Dies Irae Season 2 Release Date (July 2018): Anime OVA To End Visual Novel’s Story

dies irae season 2 release date, dies irae season 2 spoilers, dies irae season 2 trailer, dies irae season 2 episodes, dies irae season 2 cast
dies irae season 2 release date, dies irae season 2 spoilers, dies irae season 2 trailer, dies irae season 2 episodes, dies irae season 2 cast

Dies Irae Season 2 release date: The DI anime is returning sooner than the expectations of the fans. The release date of Dies Irae s2 was given an official confirmation ahead of Episode 11. However, the ending of the story was revealed in an unforeseen trend. But considering the history of the tale, one can assume that the ending doesn’t seem much out of the blue. It will release in July 2018.

The very existence of the DiesIrae anime story was released as an optical novel video game developed in 2007 by game studio Light. But, it was revealed in a partial form for the reason to complete it in the years succeeding. The first version of the game was initially launched in Japan for Windows only. And after a long time, the final version titled ‘DiesIrae: Amantes Amantes’ was released to iPhones/iOS, Android and PSP (PlayStation Portable) along with several DLC.

dies irae season 2 release date, dies irae season 2 spoilers, dies irae season 2 trailer, dies irae season 2 episodes, dies irae season 2 cast

An English dubbed version of the game DiesIrae was released in 2017 just as the Kickstarter project permitted the game to emerge from the Steam platform too. Many of the people might be aware of the DiesIrae anime. For those who are still unknown to the game should be aware of the fact that the game is worth playing as it offers expanded story paths.

In addition, there will be a newly presented mobile game spin-off titled ‘DiesIrae Pantheon’ which will probably be having an English localization in 2018.

The video game has been an indicator of good fortune. Based on this, it has further been channelized in a manga adaptation. The manga has been developed by Kazuomi Minatogawa which started serializing in Kadokawa’s ‘Dengeki Maoh’ magazine beginning in 2016. Moreover, Ryo Morise (the author) also launched a novel series for DiesIrae in the early time in 2016. The novel series was further published in five books so far.

In Fall 2017 anime season, the DiesIrae anime episodes were released for the viewers. Further, the release was also made available in a partial way on the streaming sites.


The conclusion for the first cour of Crunchyroll simulcast and Funimation English dubbed version will take place with the Dies Irae Episode 11. Technically, it is Episode 12, but the anime series was launched with the label Episode 0 as the prequel episode of ‘Dawning of Days’ elaborates the very place from where these fanatic Nazi sorcerers arrived.

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Dies Irae Season 2: Is there a Netflix release possible?

The anime series will probably be coming on the Netflix in the month of January 2018. Though, the number of episode of the anime series is still unknown. The viewers will be excited to catch up with the anime.

Dies Irae Season 2: What about the OVA episodes?

The total number of episodes in the anime series will be 18. Although, the second cour of DiesIrae will be comprised of six OVA episodes so far. In compliance with the official website, studio A.C.G.T will be premiering Episodes 12 via 17 in web streaming set-up. Ultimately, the TV broadcast is not possible.

The declaration didn’t mention any details regarding which website will be holding the release for the second cour. Along with that, they also skipped whether English subtitles will be accessible or not.

Apart from the web streaming, there will be a launch of a Blu-Ray box set for the Dies Irae Season 2 on July 13, 2018. It involved a costing price for 15,800 yen precluding tax. The Volume 3 of DiesIrae covers all 6 OVA episodes as a supplement to original compositions and interviews. The Blu-Ray Volume 1 of DiesIrae comprises of Episode 0 through 5 which was released on December 22, 2017. The next follow-up Volume 3 comprises of Episodes 6 through 11 which is scheduled to be launched on February 23, 2018.

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