How To Watch Game Of Thrones Live Streaming: Season 8 Online on HBO and more


Game of Thrones Live Streaming: Here’s how to watch GoT season 8 online. Fans of HBO Entertainment’s most popular series, GoT must be looking towards ways to watch Game Of Thrones online.

This is obviously the question of the century as HBO went really strict on regional partners to make sure the episode won’t get leaked. Here we’re listing out some of the official ways to watch GoT live streaming of season 8 Online. The streaming would be available through a series of channels worldwide.

Where to watch Game of Thrones Live Streaming

The official release date for Game of Thrones season 8 is not revealed yet. But, it has already been confirmed that it will premiere sometime in 2019. Whenever it releases, it will be first available on its official websites – HBO Go and HBO Now in the US.

You can subscribe to their packages. Both the services have their Android app, iOS apps, the Apple TV app, and Amazon Store app. Also, you can find all the previous seasons available there to be watched at any time.

How to watch Game of Thrones online on HBO Go & HBO Now in the United States

In the United States, HBO streams Game Of Thrones Live Streaming through its official channel as the only source to watch it online. While in other countries, world’s most popular television series distributor has assigned regional distributors.

Regional distributors are not going to get the last tape anytime soon. According to some reports, HBO is making sure that there would be no probability of episode being telecasted on the internet before the official release.

How to watch Game of Thrones streaming in the UK and European Union

While Sky Atlantic have the sole broadcasting rights in the European Union and the United Kingdom. The GoT series airs a little late here due to time restrictions. Sky Atlantic has the rights for both TV and streaming while Now TV can only stream the show.

Sky Atlantic is the official Game of Throne tv cable provider in the UK and Europe only. With its subscription, you can stream all tv series and movies using SkyGo feature similar to that of HBO Go of USA. The subscription cost starts as low as £6.99 per month.

How to watch Game of Thrones Live Streaming online in India

HBO have given Hotstar rights to stream all the live episodes in India. It is the official partner of HBO in India. The users will need to pay for the premium package to stream all the live and previous episodes.

Hotstar Premium comes at a very affordable pricing. It costs INR 199 ($3.09) only per month. With this fee, you will be able to catch all the live stream programs whether it is an HBO TV series, sports, premium shows, movies, etc.

How to watch Game of Thrones live online in Australia

Australian GoT fans will get to watch the famous HBO show via FOXTEL. The upcoming GoT season 8 will be available on both FOXTEL cable (TV & stream) and FOXTEL Play platforms (streaming only).

To do so, you will need to subscribe to one of their plans. Aussies can do one more thing. Consider this as a cheaper alternative. Subscribe to a cheap VPN service and then subscribe to HBO Now.

New subscribers can one complete month for free on HBO Now. This VPN route will cost you around $9.99+$14.99=$24.98 approx. Considering the ridiculous high subscription cost of FOXTEL, it is still cheaper.

How to Watch Game of Thrones Streaming in Canada on HBO Canada and HBO Now US

The Canadian fans will be able to catch the last installment of the series through the official broadcaster HBO Canada. It’s a geo-restricted service only accessible in Canada. All subscriptions are processed through cable TV provider websites.

If you don’t want to try the expensive cable TV subscriptions, then you can try US HBO Now with a VPN service. It will be cheaper and you will be able to watch latest GoT season 8 episodes as they are released.

Another option is to try out UK Now TV service which starts at £6.99 but with a VPN.

Note: The VPN trick may not work or stop working any time as HBO US has started cracking down on VPN users.

How to watch Game of Thrones live online on Kodi via addons

Kodi delivers some of the best sources to watch GoT seasons. The best thing about it is that it’s available on all devices, be it iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Windows, Mac OS, etc. through its app/software.

There is a versatile list of Kodi addons which are useful in many ways. You should note that Kodi addons offering GoT stream are all unofficial. So, you will need to install a Kodi VPN to secure your internet address as it will fall under piracy by US and UK govts.


Some of the best Kodi addons for streaming GoT season 8 are as follows:

  • Exodus
  • 1ChannelPrimeWire
  • Elysium
  • Cast-A-Way
  • BBTS
  • Live Hub Addon

    Follow the steps to install the addon

    Kodi home screen -> Settings -> File Manager -> Add Source -> enter “” in the path -> Done -> name it “StreamHub” -> Done -> Kodi home screen -> Add-Ons -> Add-Ons Browser -> Install from ZIP file -> StreamHub -> -> Install from Repository -> StreamHub Repository -> Video Add-ons -> Live Hub

    Once it is installed, it can be found in the Video Addons section to access.

How to Watch Game of Thrones Streaming on Netflix

Unfortunately, it’s not available on Netflix as Game of Thrones is an HBO original and exclusive show. It is available over:

  • HBO Asia, HBO Canada, HBO Europe, HBO Latin America, HBO Netherlands and HBO Nordic
  • Sky Atlantic &NowTV UK
  • Sky Atlantic
  • FOXTEL Australia & New Zealand
  • France’s Orange
  • Israel’s DBS
  • Iceland’s 365 Media
  • Sky Deutschland & Sky Italia
  • HULU – Requires additional subscription of $14.99

How to watch Game of Thrones live online on Torrents

It has been the most pirated TV show of all time. The series has been illegally distributed to more than tens of millions of users across the globe. Countries like USA, UK, Canada, and Australia have already started cracking down torrents, but it seems that there has been no change in the number of GoT downloads on torrent.

As the season 8 hasn’t released yet, so you ‘obviously’ won’t be able to find any torrents for the same, but you can go through a number of torrents available for all the previous seven seasons in full HD 1080p and 4K resolutions.

The Other ways to stream GoT include

Game of Thrones Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

The Amazon Prime subscription costs around $14.99 per month. And it’s sufficient to watch the new episodes taking advantage of the seven-day free trial. The online e-commerce giant has found success with Amazon Prime video streaming service.

The service is available only to Amazon Prime customers. It supports a variety of streaming devices like Fire TV Stick, all smart televisions, etc.

Stream Game of Thrones Free Online (Illegal)

It is no secret that high popular series, sports, etc. are always available via less-than-savory means, i.e., illegal live streams. Here are some examples of the same. You can take risk on your own.

  • Stream2Go
  • Live TV Cafe
  • Live Stream TV
  • We never spoke.


How to watch Game of Thrones live streaming online on Sling TV

The subscription to Sling Orange for $20 per month with $15 HBO add-on would prove worthwhile to access additional tv channels. It’s because you would be paying $20 more each month than for a HBO Now subscription, but you will getting fare more channels to watch from.

Still, if you don’t want to spend extra bucks, then you can always go for a standalone HBO Now package. It will restrict you from watching addictive makeover shows of HGTV or reality shows like The Bachelor, etc.

How to watch Game of Thrones streaming on Hulu

TV fans have always been using or heard of Hulu – the go-to streaming platform. The subscription costs around $10 a month and the users get access to dozens of TV shows across numerous channels.

You get series like Rick and Morty to watch which isn’t available on any other streaming platform. Netflix may have a bigger catalog overall, but Hulu boasts of a ton of exclusive cable subscription content.

It comes with many premium add-ons. Recently, Hulu announced a live TV streaming service. With Hulu subscription, you can get Showtime, Starz, and Cinemax for $10 each a month. However, HBO remains the star of the show as with an extra $15, the users get access to the entire library of HBO.

Game of Thrones live online on DirecTV Now

It comes with a 7-day free trial. Sometimes, you may find a 30-day trial with some offers. Apart from it, it costs $35 a month plus $5 addon for HBO. Moreover, AT&T wireless customers (unlimited choice data plan) get it at a discounted $10 a month. The streaming service works on TV boxes, smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.

This is all for now. If you have some more info, let’s know in comments.

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