Google Play Services App: Latest Apk Version Available To Download

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Download Google Play Services Apk: It seems as if a lot has been going on the camp Google, rolling out trend changing updates to Play Store and Google Photos followed by the big bang Pixel 2 launching and now to top it all, we have got the update to one of the most used Android APIs, Play Services.

Actually, before we move on, let’s get it straight out with some of the biggest doubts. What is this Play Store? And do I really need this thing which I haven’t actually used for anything at all? We will discuss the former in detail in a while but the answer to the latter one is a Big Yes! Don’t even try to have second thoughts over whether to keep this thing or not.

Google Play Services Apk Download

In a nutshell, if you want to let your android have a smooth lifeline you need this more than ever Ted wanted Robin! And why is that? That brings us to the answer to our second question. It is an Android API- application programming interface. Not getting it?? Neither do I expect you to get it if tech jargon is not your dose of caffeine.

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To put it in layman’s language, it is set of rules which are used to write the codes for developing android apps

. And it quite simply makes sense that you ought to have that set of rules installed on the machine on which is we are going to install that app. And not only that. This on housekeeping service has got a lot more stuff to do for us.

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It handles your games’ auto log-ins, tracking your scores, cache data of your browser, leaderboards for multi-player gaming and much more things it takes care of behind the curtains. So, next time you open your candy crush and see that you are already logged in (actually you don’t notice this thing at all as it has become a second nature to us to NOT to go to login every time), it’s because of PlayServices.

Who remembers your scores? This guy only!

Who ensures that Google assistant assists you well even if you are not connected to the internet? The gentleman in question!

Getting an awesome experience with your Maps and navigation services? Don’t forget to thank GPS (surely both of them, if you get what I am saying!).

So, now you get it why the answer to the 2nd question was a unanimous YES!

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Also, it is to be warned that some of the apps constantly need the access to Google Play Services. So if you go ahead and decide to uninstall this thing even after reading this thing, you are bound to have some of your apps crashing constantly. So, don’t!

And when it comes to updates of the Play Services apk, you need not worry at all. That is because Google PlayServices is automatically updated through Google Play Store app on devices with that application installed that are running Android 4.0 or newer. So this new update of the services has already been updated by now on you device most probably!

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