Happy Independence Day Messages 2016: Top 15th August SMS Wishes and Quotes

Happy Independence Day 2016: A very happy independence day India to Indian citizens.

Here in this article, you will get a beautiful collection of Independence Day Wishes and Messages. With these wish your friends and loved ones a Happy Independence Day 2016. This is the day for the remembrance of the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for getting Independence of our nation. This year, it is the 70th Indian Independence Day and in these 69 years, our motherland has developed a lot.

Every year, the whole country celebrates the day with a tribute to the freedom fighters and big leaders of Indian history. Today, every citizen is Independent and possess several rights to live a peaceful life. This life is the gift of the freedom fighters. They are ones who always give confidence and strength to live a life that a person wants to.

happy independence day messages

We must create a moment for those freedom fighters and leaders. We must know the significance and importance of celebrating the Independence Day. In India, every educational institution celebrates the day and students always ask for the significance of the day. Our country got the independence from the British Raj on 15th August 1947. Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Subash Chandra Bose, Alluri Seetha Rama Raju and other many more leaders who fought against British Government and achieved the independence.

happy independence day wishes

Freedom implies being self-dependent. Being a nation independent means that it is being governed by its people and live in an own way. August 15 is the day to feel proud and celebrate this occasion. Not just celebration, each and every citizen should remember the sacrifices done by their ancestors to make the nation free from the colonial rule by the British government.

Independence Day SMS

Below is a beautiful collection of 15th August SMS and Status. You can share it on social media.

Carried with care, coated with pride, Dipped in love, fly in glory, Moments of freedom in the shade of joy. Proud to be an Indian. Happy Independence Day.

1: òne country
5: Majòr religions

A: Adòrable
U: Union of
G: Gigantic,
U: Upbeat,
S: Spectacular and
T: Thoughtful Indian- who salute the freedom fighters fòr their sacrifices to free òur country!
Happy Independence Day

Loved Indians,
Let us celebrate & enjoy the freedom to live
independently in our country Cheerfully,
Helpfully,Hopefully,Peacefullu by remembering
our National Heroes who gave us Freedom after suffering pain & humilation.
A Proud Indian
Happy Independence Day

What’s the similarity between India’s Freedom Fighters & Husbands?
Exactly two days of Fame and Praises.
26 January and 15 August
Happy Independence Day

Work like a Gujarati;
Eat like a Rajasthani;
Sing like a Bengali;
Dance like a Punjabi;
Smile like a Kashmiri;
Live life like a Goan;
And always cherish being an Indian!

Celebrate the free spirit of India
May this Independence Day
Fills your life happiness and prosperity

Happy Independence Day

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