Kaabil vs Raees 4th / 5th Day Collection 1st Weekend (Saturday & Sunday) Box Office Report: Stiff Competition on Weekend Worldwide

Kaabil vs Raees Box Office Collection
Kaabil vs Raees Box Office Collection

Kaabil vs Raees 4th / 5th Day Collection Raes v Kabil 1st Saturday / Sunday / Weekend Box Office & 4 / 5 Days Business and Occupancy Report: The Kaabil movie starring Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam in lead roles has gained the momentum at the box office in last two days. Despite that, it is still being trailed by Shahrukh Khan starrer Raees film.

Upon comparison, we can see a significant difference between the collections of both the movies. Raees collection is leading the race while Kabil box office is still lagging behind at the worldwide scale. Raees came for SRK after two underperformers, but it still has beaten the opening overseas collection of Bollywood’s two highest grosser namely, Dangal and Sultan.

Kaabil vs Raees 4th Day Collection

Raees vs Kaabil Box Office Prediction
4 Days Raes v Kabil 1st Saturday Box Office

Kabil needs to do something big in order to witness a significant turnaround. It required some miraculous to happen. It is getting better word of mouth than Raes. If both the movies continued on the same track, then it will end up in a huge difference in the long run or the lifetime collections.

Though Kaabil collection seems to witnessed growth and trending, it should be noted that it opened below average. Thus, there was ample chance for its growth, and it can grow even further. On Friday too, Hrithik starrer recorded less drop in comparison to the drop which SRK film faced.

Moreover, Kaabil faced more increase in the occupancy today against Raees. Kabil fourth day morning occupancy reached 45% on an average from 25% while Raees box office also registered around 45% occupancy for the morning shows against 35% yesterday. At the same, it should be kept in mind that Kabil has less number of screens.

Kaabil vs Raees 4th Day Collection 4 Days Raes v Kabil 1st Saturday Box Office
Kaabil vs Raees 4th Day Collection 4 Days Raes v Kabil 1st Saturday Box Office

On the whole, Shahrukh is leading the much-hyped clash with more than a difference of Rs. 10 crores. Raees opened up of around 60% of the total screens while Kabil only got the rest 40%. Thus, SRK’s movie had to get better collections due to two reasons, star power and a number of screens.


But, Kabil has also seen improvements in the last two days. But, it needs to register a massive growth tomorrow and today’s later half of the day to properly compete with Mahira Khan starrer. Based on the first three days trend, it becomes tough to predict the business on Saturday precisely. It is due to the fact that occupancy highly varies in the evening.

There is one more factor supporting the Raees’ business, and it is the better advance bookings. On the Kaabil side, it has got the advantage of being multiplexes oriented content. It can improve big time if accepted the audiences. Below is the fourth day occupancy and collections’ comparison between Raees and Kaabil.

Kaabil 3rd Day Collection Kabil 1st Friday Box Office 3 Days Report
Kaabil vs Raees 4th Day Collection 4 Days Raes v Kabil 1st Saturday Box Office Business and Occupancy Report
Movie Saturday Friday Jump
Raes 45% 35% 20%
Kaabil 45% 25% 30%

Raees 3rd Day Collections – Rs. 13.11 cr

Raees 4th Day Collections – Rs. 15.61 cr

Raees 5th Day Collection – Rs. 17.80 cr

Raees box office collection (5 days) – Rs. 93.24 cr (domestic) + $6.7 million or Rs 45.63 Crore for 4 days (overseas)

Kaabil 3rd Day Collections – Rs. 9.77 cr

Kaabil 4th Day Collection – Rs. 13.36 cr

Kaabil 5th Day Collection – Rs. 15.05 cr (early estimates)

Kaabil box office collection (worldwide 5 days) – Rs. 67.46 cr (domestic) + $1.65 million (or Rs. 13.11 cr for 3 days) (overseas)

Raees 4th Day Box Office Collection Raes 1st Saturday & 4 Days Report

Stay tuned to The Reporter Times for final and updated figures of 1st Saturday / fourth day collection of Raees and Kaabil 4th day. Let’s know what do you think of their lifetime collections. Comment in the section provided to air your views.

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  1. Don’t comparison SRK VS Hrithik…………SRK Badsha of Bollywood and king of romance……what ever he do his expression is reality…..we love SRk

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      Did your father of four father take part in freedom fighting?
      Were they freedom fighter,?

      Answer this we will speak regarding this antankwadi later on.

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    • TM jaise jahilo k Wajah se hi desh tarakki nhii kr skta hai..srk no atankwadi khane wake jahilo khud k andar dekho tm kya ho baad me dusre ka girebaan jhakna..lv u srk

  2. Raees is getting higher collection because of much much higher screen count…We are not stupid…Kaabil is superb film

  3. Bhai pehle din to dear zindegi 1200 screen per 11 crore ke kareeb kama gyi thi non holiday per
    Isliye muuh band rakho

  4. There is some reason to add most number of screens….
    There is only one King only and only King Khan…and only one king rolled over Bollywood

  5. Shahrukh Khan’s kohl-eyed look in ‘Raees’ has been slaying girls. SRK’s action stunts and dialogue baazi is the heart and soul of the movie. Recently, megastar Amitabh Bachchan watched the film and was impressed by SRK’s acting.

    SRK has made a comeback in full fledged action films and Big B found it impressive.

    Amitabh took to Twitter and said, “Congratulations Shahrukh .. RAEES .. loved your anger in it !!”

  6. Srk is super hyped up actor. His shitty films do well first 4 days and take a slump aftet that. His films are useless and glorify gangster. No one has balls to do what Aamir did for dangal, even RGV said the same. Atleast Lagaan made it to Oscars. Im sure none of this haklas movie would ever come in that category.

  7. SRK is best actor in this world,I watch lots of movies but I never saw such wonder actor like srk even in Hollywood.
    Raees and Kaabil, both movies are excellent, both actor are best and best but different is Raees real story and Kaabil no real story, Raees is real Stroy so public like real story so that’s why Raees earn better than Kaabil.

  8. sab log bewakuf log hai,kyu lad rahe ho sab ek dusre se,srk aur HR apna paisa kama ke nikal jaega aur tumlog be faltu ka ladte reh jaoge..

  9. SRK is a good actor, but Hritik is amazing, kaabil is far better than raees.some blind devotees make him successful, otherwise he is not such big actor. Fan, Dilwale and dear zindagi are the example of it. In my opinion, Amir is a perfect actor. Pk and dangal prove this.

  10. I like kabil 2 much with my family…….
    I love rtik performace …….
    Dear frnds watch kabil n enjoy a lots

  11. Salman Bhai best hai kam se kam logon ki maddad to karte hai sharukh Kya charity karta hai. Akshay Kumar bhi shi hai. Ye log real life Mai bhi hero hai.

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