Raees 4th / 5th Day Box Office Collection 1st Weekend (Saturday & Sunday) Total Report: Beaten Dangal and Sultan Overseas

Raees 17th Day Collection 17 Days Raees 3rd Friday Box Office Report
Raees 17th Day Collection 17 Days Raees 3rd Friday Box Office Report

Raees 4th / 5th Day Box Office Collection Raes 1st Saturday / Sunday / Weekend & 4 / 5 Days Report: The latest movie of Shahrukh Khan started its journey on the worldwide BO with a bang. Despite the clash with Hrithik Roshan starrer Kaabil, it earned 20.42 cr on a non-holiday release. Let’s check out the Raees fourth day collection update.

On January 26, it earned more due to the national holiday and minted 26.30 crores. But, it saw a drop on Friday as it was a normal working weekday. However, the business should see an upward curve as it’s the first weekend for Raees collection. Usually, the occupancy rises on the 1st weekend for every movie. So, will for SRK starrer.

Raees 4th Day Box Office Collection

Raees 2nd Day Box Office Collection 2 Days Raes 1st Thursday Report
Raes 1st Saturday & 4 Days Report

Morning Shows Update

The latest venture of Shah Rukh Khan started on a good note having better occupancy than yesterday, Friday. It is because today is a partial holiday across India. Based on the morning occupancy reports, it is quite clear that the film is again rocking in Mumbai and Gujarat regions.

Being the weekend, the occupancy in multiplexes tends to start better and grow further. Not only multiplexes, but the single screens are also rocking once again. It is expected that it will rise further tomorrow, Sunday (January 29) as it remains a holiday for almost all people. Weekend fever will attract audiences to the theaters.

The occupancy for today has risen to 45% which was 35% yesterday. Thus, it is a 10% increase and good news for the producers and distributors. However, there is a slight cause for concern. It is that the movie is still underperforming while the expectations were higher. So, it may create problems for the flick in the weekdays.

Raees 4th Day Box Office Collection Raes 1st Saturday & 4 Days Report
Raees 4th Day Box Office Collection Raes 1st Saturday & 4 Days Report

As the day progress, the occupancy for Raees will sure shot increase being tomorrow is Sunday (a holiday). The film witness growth in the afternoon and evening shows. Thus, Raees box office collection

will get a boost and earnings’ pace will increase. It maintained a significant margin in comparison with the Kaabil collections in the first two days. The occupancy reached up to 75% in the shows at night.

As the days are going by, the clash is becoming fierce. The battle becomes interesting during the evening and night shows. Kaabil is getting a better word of mouth vs Raees (review). Still, Shahrukh’s movie has fared better and with a big difference in the numbers. In the first three days, it has taken a big lead against Kabil.

The number of screens and star power was the reasons why Shahrukh’s film started on such a great note even after two underperformers, Fan and Dilwale. A miracle is needed for Kaabil to take over the latest venture of SRK. Hrithik and Yami starrer got less number of screens for the release.

Occupancy Saturday Friday
Morning 45% 35%
Noon 55% 45%
Evening 75% 60%

Raees has made some records overseas. It has beaten the first day collections of Dangal and Sultan at the overseas box office. The Raees 4th day collection early trends suggest that it would earn more than 15 crores today. If the movie sustains well in the later half of the day, it would eventually earn higher.

Raees 3rd Day Collection – Rs. 13.11 cr

Raees 4th Day Collection – Rs. 15.61 cr

Raees 5th Day Collectin – Rs. 17.80 cr

Raees 5 days box office collections – Rs. 93.24 cr (domestic) + $6.7 million or Rs 45.63 Crore for 4 days (overseas)

Raees movie review rating

Check: Kaabil 4th day box office collection.

Till 3rd day, Raees has minted over Rs. 59 cr in India. The collections are excellent considering the clash with a movie which is getting better of mouth. Don’t forget to share your views regarding the Raees day 4 box office collections via commenting below. Stay tuned for more news.

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    • nobody can beat this movie. r u blind . this movie never even match dangal. 4 day earnings. and srk is no king khan. there only 1 khan that breaks records after records. and he is the king of Bollywood. he is AAMIR KHAN

      • Mr. Shawn…………dangal movie kitni screen par release hui……pehle ye dekho……oir dangal movie sengle release thi……….is hisab se raees , dangal ko beat kar chuki hai.

        • That is the wrong though…Dangal was the best movie ever made and it won the hearts of people despite of demonitasation and all the bakvaas item song as we can see in raees…that. is just faltu commercial movie such kind of faltu and bakvaas movie no need to compare with great & true movie like Dangal…

      • Tell ur Amir to release a film in non Holiday’s and with a big clash then you will understand who’s the King of Bollywood mate,

  1. Raees is a must watch…. Don’t use others word, see the movie without keeping Kabil in mind…. What a performance by all…

  2. Raees is waste movie.this story written many times. kabil best movie. kabil have a great story. a great lesson learn from it. my recomandation people must wash kabil. five out five

  3. Today my village near Gorakhpur is going to watch raees in single screen. Entire village has booked theatre. SRK zindabad.

  4. Awesome fantastic nyc excellent super jitna bolo utnaa kam hai itni acchi film hai ki koi 110000000000000+bar bhi dekhe to aur dekhne ka man karega
    Bollywood king is back
    Shahrukh khan king of the bollywood

  5. Amazing Shah Rukh Khan, No one believed his movie would cross even 50 crore and now he is ruling Box Office…

  6. bevkufo aamir aur salman holiday pe release krte hai aur inka fayeda utaate hai age raess ed ya Christmas me release hoti to ye 500 cr kmati shahrukh risk Lena jaante hai aur inko kyu baazigar kha jata hai koi kisi me himmar nhi ki non holiday me release kre salman aamir bilkul drpok hai itna risk nhi ki le sake whi shahrukh ko king kha kyu jata hai inse sikho raess all time blockbuster bhai

  7. Kabil bakwaas he aankhe aur gajni ki copy he raees is far better than kabil..coz king kabhi copy nai karta…shero ka zamana hota he…srk rocks..

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