Kaabil (Kabil) 5th / 6th Day Box Office Collection 1st Weekend / Sunday / Monday Report

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Kaabil 5th / 6th Day Collection 6 Days Kabil 1st Weekend / Monday Box Office Report: Kaabil of Hrithik Roshan which arrived with great reviews is now being loved by the audience worldwide. Kaabil 5th Day collection gathered headlines around the world because of much anticipated widespread release.

The movie was able to gather least of one screen in almost every multiplex around the country. Post-Sunday, various Single screens also spotted turning their way back to Hrithik’s Kabil after a big release of SRK’s Raees. Coming to the critics, it’s believed that Kabil is the best work by Roshan family till date.

Kaabil 5th Day Collection

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5 Days Kabil 1st Weekend Box Office Report

Kaabil fifth day collection was limited in the initial numbers. The day opened up with less occupancy because of the holiday. Fill out rate increased in numbers as the day goes off. 

Getting good word of mouth and faring in the first weekend draws more audiences to the theaters for any film. The same is happening with Kabil. The multiplexes in the circuits of Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata have witnessed a significant growth, and thus, these areas are performing well.

Raees release apparently looked much bigger than of Kaabil box office overall. It was one of the most anticipated clashes of this year as it finally opens great. Kaabil also able to gather a good number of screens on the opening day itself. Multiplexes showed much interest in release of the film while a moderate response observed from single screens Mass centers preferred King Khan’s film for the scheduled release.

Kaabil (Kabil) 5th Day Box Office Collection and Sunday Earnings Report
Kaabil 5th Day Collection 5 Days Kabil 1st Weekend Box Office Report

In the days of many things adverse, there was some good news too for Roshan family. Kaabil box office collection overall observed a major growth on the subsequent days. Occupancy on Wednesday remained quite a constraint. It’s a matter of the fact that the movie only saw fill out rate of 20% on the 1st day which was good.

Kaabil Box Office Collection

Kaabil Collection  Amount in Crores
1st Week BO
Wednesday 10.43
Thursday 18.67
Friday 9.77
Saturday 11.43
Sunday 10.97
Total Domestic Collection 61.27
Total Overseas Collection 4
Total Collection 65.27

Since the talkie released on working weekday, growth was much expected on holiday. On January 26, which was the 2nd day for Kabil collection, it counts 40% on an average which was a good number but not the best. A signific ant drop was much expected as an aftereffect. On the 3rd day, Kaabil observed a significant decline on Friday as compared to Thursday (national holiday). But it can be said normal.

On the first day, Kabil collection ends up with earning 10.43 crore rupees which were a good number considering the facts mentioned above. Kaabil 2nd day collection got a significant boost with more than 8 crore rupees as the movie was able to earn 18.67 crores. The release took place in a holiday period, Kabil collection ends up the figure of 29.10 crores in total.

Kaabil 5th Day Collection 5 Days Kabil 1st Weekend Box Office Report
Kaabil 5th Day Collection 5 Days Kabil 1st Weekend Box Office Report

The considerable boost can be credited to the positive word of mouth for the film which was better than Shahrukh Khan’s Raees. Friday didn’t go well for BO as the movie made a figure of 8.3 crores at the box office with the significant downfall of 50%. But, overall it performed well today considering how it performed on its opening Wednesday.

The Friday was beginning of official movie holiday in India. Since it was a Republic day holiday in offices, Friday remains working. As a result, movie performed low on BO with mere 9.77 crores of earnings and 50% drop in overall occupancy resulting low figures for Kaabil collections.

Kaabil 4th day collection didn’t go up to the expectations. The movie did perform slight gain in the numbers during the noon shows. Saturday night was an always a retreat for any Bollywood movie. Because of romance factor, Kaabil scored 11.43 crores on the 4th of the BO.

Kaabil 3rd Day Collection Kabil 1st Friday Box Office 3 Days Report
Kaabil 5th Day Collection 5 Days Kabil 1st Weekend Box Office Report

Kaabil 6th Day Collection – Rs. 6 cr

Kaabil 6 Days Box Office collections – Rs. 72.46 cr (domestic) + $1.65 million (or Rs. 13.11 cr for 3 days) (overseas)

There was not remarkable growth in early trends for Sunday. The primary audience had already watched the film which signaled a limited future. Kaabil 1st weekend collections struggled to cross the mark of 11% with an occupancy of 27% in the metro cities around the country.

The overseas earnings of Kabil collection remain limited as the movie failed to score big in UAE-GCC countries.

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