Raees 5th / 6th Day Collection 1st Weekend / Sunday / Monday Box Office Report: SRK Film Earned This Much in 5 days

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Raees 5th / 6th Day Collection 6 Days Raees 1st Weekend / Monday Box Office Report: Raees movie of Shahrukh scored big points on box office with one of the most major releases in recent years. One of the most famous actors of his times, SRK was facing a lot of problems in Industry after the release of Ra One.

The downwards going trends came out as a real concern for fans as one after another film flopped on BO. The movie came as the final reliever for Shahrukh Khan as the number of BO starts blooming after the release of the movie.

Raees 5th Day Collection

Raees 2nd Day Box Office Collection 2 Days Raes 1st Thursday Report
5 Days Raees 1st Weekend Box Office Report

Raees collection did one of the biggest openings in Indian cinema. The film released in more than 2800 screens around the country. The number of screens grown significantly after the official release. With almost every single screen cinema hall supporting the film in full swing, it comes out substantially easier for Raees collections to took a hype on the box office.

Raees 5th Day Collection opens up with good fill out rate during the morning and evening shows as well. Because of schedules Sunday holiday, the movie gained popularity among the masses. Sunday box office earnings are playing an important role in overall box office to decide whether the film was a hit for real or not.

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The latest venture of Shah Rukh Khan started on a good note having better occupancy than yesterday, Friday. It is because today is a partial holiday across India. Based on the morning occupancy reports, it is quite clear that the film is again rocking in Mumbai and Gujarat regions.

Raees 5th Day Collection 5 Days Raees 1st Weekend Box Office Report
Raees 5th Day Collection 5 Days Raees 1st Weekend Box Office Report

Being the weekend, the occupancy in multiplexes tends to start better and grow further. Not only multiplexes, but the single screens are also rocking once again. It is expected that it will rise further tomorrow, Sunday (January 29) as it remains a holiday for almost all people. Weekend fever will attract audiences to the theaters

Raees Collection in Crores
Wednesday 20.42
Thursday 26.3
Friday 13.11
Saturday 15.61
Sunday 18.12
Total Domestic Collection 93.56
Total Overseas Collection 45.63
Total Collection 139.19

On Wednesday, which was the first day for Raees box office, the film faced several challenges but released with a real hype among the masses. Clash with Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil was a matter of concern, but it didn’t affect the overall BO earnings of the movie much. As its 1st-day gains, the film scored 20.42 crore rupees which were great considering it as a start.

The Thursday was most important for Raees and Kaabil as well. Both films performed exceptionally good on the BO resulting huge figures as earnings from around the country. Marking up 30% growth in the overall earnings on holiday, SRK’s film earned 26.30 crores which were great considering the trends. So far, SRK film didn’t grow more than 25 crores in the domestic market on the weekend, and 26 crores was an impressive figure.

Raees 5th Day Collection 5 Days Raees 1st Weekend Box Office Report
Raees 5th Day Collection 5 Days Raees 1st Weekend Box Office Report

Friday was the first working day and a challenge as well for Raees collection. The reduction in fares during the night shows helped it to sustain with 13.11 crore rupees collection. Even after earning a real figure of 13 crore rupees, a downfall of 50% in overall earnings observed which is not a great sign.

The movie 4th Day Collection was expected to be better than of other days. The film did take a growth in earnings as in comparison to the Friday. On the fourth day, the film earned 15.61 crore rupees which are great.

Raees 5th day collection was a challenge. Talkie is needed to score big on the BO to end up the week minting out the production costs. The movie budget was 65 crore rupees, and the film did earn 18.12 crores on Sunday making it a profitable deal by 23 crores in the first weekend itself.

Raees 5th Day Collection 5 Days Raees 1st Weekend Box Office Report
Raees 5th Day Collection 5 Days Raees 1st Weekend Box Office Report

The first weekend earnings of Raees totaled to 93 crore rupees which however missed the target in the domestic market for 100 crores.

The entire business of Raees and Kaabil on Republic day was more than 150 crore rupees around the world which had signified the importance of holidays in India as well.

Apart from the earnings in the local market, Raees collection also rocked the earnings overseas. The film continues to be the highest grosses in UAE-GCC ranking among the top charts on BoxOffice of USA. From the period of Wed to Sat, Raees overseas collection came to $ 6.7 million [₹ 45.63 cr] which is great considering the size of release.

Raees 6th Day Collection – Rs. 6 cr (early estimates)

Raees Box Office Collections 6 days – Rs. 100.24 cr (domestic) + $6.7 million or Rs 45.63 Crore for 4 days (overseas)

So far the movie collections have reached the figure of 93 crore rupees in India and 45 crore rupees overseas, totaling the earnings to 139 crore rupees for the first weekend which is a retreat of Bollywood Badshah.

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