Kasauti Zindagi Kay Season 2 3 August 2020 Written Episode Update: Prerna gets emotional after seeing Anurag and Komolika’s daughter

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Season 2 10th August 2020 Written Update: Nivedita is trying to impress Mr. Bajaj!
Kasautii Zindagii Kay Season 2 10th August 2020 Written Update: Nivedita is trying to impress Mr. Bajaj!

The Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 episode begins with Tapur asks Diya that she needs to sleep and Diya requests her to go to the party. Diya says that she is missing Mom, Dad, and everyone so she wants to meet everyone. Diya says that she wants to meet Dad but Tapur says that he is not coming. Diya says that she will meet Mom as she is missing her badly. Tapur agrees for it.

Moloy questions Nivedita why is she upset? Mohini says to Nivedita that she wants to talk with her and both leaves. Moloy thinks that he can’t find what is happening!

Mohini says to Nivedita that Mr. Bajaj handled her but what happened after that? Nivedita says that Mr. Bajaj can’t be interested in any other girl except Prerna. Mohini questions whether Mr. Bajaj is not interested or she is not giving her 100%? Nivedita gets shocked. Mohini says that she feels like Nivedita has feelings for Anupam. Nivedita asks to talk about this at home.

Komolika thinks that Anurag will be shocked after knowing about Ronit and Shivani’s engagement. She thinks that he will take the next flight and come back but she will make everything soon. Diya comes there with Tapur. Diya says that she was missing her and Dad. Komolika says that they also miss her and Dad will come soon.

Prerna listens to them and gets emotional after recalling her daughter. Mr. Bajaj looks at Prerna crying badly. He questions what has happened? Prerna says that how can he live like this after snatching everything from her! She says that Anurag and Komolika have a daughter but where is her daughter? She says that Anurag’s hands didn’t shiver to send her daughter to the orphanage and if he didn’t want to keep her so he could have given her. She says that she won’t forget it and she won’t leave Anurag. She says that her daughter’s fault was being her daughter. She says that she just wishes her daughter might be safe.


A girl calls for Mom and Prerna hears that she is her daughter. Prerna says that she can’t even hear her as Anurag snatched her right. She says that she feels like her daughter is near her. Mr. Bajaj says that her feeling is right but she should not let her emotions control her. Prerna says that she got happy after seeing Anurag’s daughter but then she recalled her loss. A little girl questions Shivani whether she saw her Massi? She finds her Massi and goes to her. Shivani says that she is cute and asks her name. The girl replies to Sameena and goes from there.

Sameena’s Massi says that she will ask from Prerna where she can sit! Massi introduces Sameena to Prerna and Prerna recalls her. Massi goes from there and Prerna asks Sameena to sit with her. Mr. Bajaj looks at Prerna lost with Sameena and goes from there happily.

Moloy questions Diya how did she come here? Komolika says that Diya might be forced to Tapur to come here. Diya says that Bua forced her to come here. Everyone laughs at her excuse. Tapur asks Diya to go back home and they leave.

Moloy thinks that Prerna might have given good manners to Sneha and starts finding her at the party.

Sameena wipes Prerna’s tears. She says that she talks a lot but he didn’t say her like this. Prerna questions who is he?

Anurag wants to see her daughter and dying to kiss on her forehead.

Precap: Sameena gets stuck in the fire and Prerna goes to save her. Mr. Bajaj also comes to Prerna to save Sameena!

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