Naagin Season 5 9th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Lord Shiv asks Aadi Naagin to reveal the temple’s secret to Vrinda for saving Dev’s life!

Naagin/Nagin 5 9th August 2020 Written Update Episode Colors TV
Naagin/Nagin 5 9th August 2020 Written Update Episode Colors TV

The Naagin 5 today’s episode begins with Vrinda and Dev arrives at the temple. Vrinda makes Dev lie on the floor and speaks that she will try to open the door. Dev questions whether it is Laal Tekri Mandir? She says that she is also not able to understand it. She starts chanting Om Namah Shivaye and somehow opens the gate.

Vrinda plays and manages to make Dev stay alive. The temple gets filled with a huge wind blowing inside. Some light emits from the painting covered with a cloth. Vrinda tries to remove the cloth but fails as the winds are blowing heavily. Vrinda makes a promise to Dev that she will save him. Vishakha also reaches there with Shalaka.

Vishakha comes into Naagin avatar and attacks on Vrinda. Shalaka thinks to do witchcraft over her and she gets into an argument with her. Dev finds out that Shalaka is Nayantara. Vish traps Vrinda and speaks that she has learned about the temple from the ancient texts. She says that there are a lot of secrets in the temple. Visha says to Vrinda that she can’t go outside the temple.

Shalaka says to Vrinda that she know about Dev holding Naagmani. She says that she will kill him to get it. Vrinda says to Shalaka that she can’t touch him. They say that she can’t ever know the secret and won’t even be able to save Dev too. Shalaka says to Vishakha says that she wants Dev alive.

She is questioned whether she wants Dev or Naagmani? She says that she wants Naagmani as Dev never loves her. Vrinda is stuck inside the bubble. Vrinda says that she will save Dev. She says that they need to come to her. Vrinda says that she will be saved by Shesh Naagin and Naagrani.

Vrinda starts praying to Lord Bholenath and begs the Naaglok Naagins to help her come out from the situation. Vish asks Shalaka to end up Dev’s life. At the very moment, a pillar falls from there and snakes come from it. First, Shesha comes out. Vish says that it is the dangerous Naagin, Shesha, and gets happy seeing her.

She ends up Vish’s life saying that she got to realize her mistakes at Naaglok. Shesha takes Vish and stabs her. Dev is also in trouble as he is sinking. Vrinda comes in Naagin avatar and attacks on Shalaka. Vish multiplies into two and moves ahead to attack Shesha.

Vish attacks on Vrinda. They reach ahead to Dev to get the Naagmani out. Vish comes into her full power and attacks Vrinda and Shesha. Shesha also calls out two Naagrani. Bela comes over there as a Naagrani. She calls out all other snakes too for help. Bela comes in a grand entry. Shesha and Vrinda bows down seeing her.

Vish and Shalaka think to go away from there. Bela says to Vrinda that she is safe as she has come to save her. Bela says to Vish that she is such a traitor and doesn’t belong to Naaglok. This intensified the fight among them.

Vrinda ends-up second Vish. On the other hand, Shesha attacks Shalaka and she dies. Bela says to Vrinda that only she is going to kill Vish and she kills her. The sky gets covered with a red moon. Dev comes into senses and apologizes in front of Vrinda. He is just about to die. Vrinda is crying a lot. He confesses his love for her.

Both of them are in an emotional moment together. He closes his eyes and becomes unconscious. She is not able to get him back. Bela says to Vrinda that she can get him back with the help of the temple’s secret.

They speak to her that the temple is known because history was created over her. They say that only she is the secret’s keeper and Lord Shiva can only call her. Bela says that she is Aadi Naagin who can appear here when they pray to Lord Shiva. They say that she will come tonight. The ladies start performing a Tandav for Lord Shiva. Vrinda gets fainted. They say that she is going to come soon.

Lord Bholenath performs the Tandav to signal Aadi Naagin’s entry. Lord Shiva tells them that he has got happy with them. He says that the temple is not found for several years. He says that it is only the Aadi Naagin who will reveal the temple’s secret. He says that the story is from the past 10,000 years ago.

He says that if she thinks to save his life, then it will repeat history. He says that Aadi Naagin can help in bringing back Dev’s soul but she has to bear the same pain and her past will turn into her present.

Aadi Naagin questions Lord Shiva whether Dev will be saved if she tells her the story. He agrees for it. Aadi Naagin thinks to go there and tell the story. Hina Khan comes over there as Aadi Naagin.

Aadi Naagin says that she has a curse on her but now she can live again her life. She says that she has no regret for it as she can help in saving Dev’s life. She says that they need to perform Tandav to take out Naagmani from Dev. All the Naagins perform the Tandav and Naagmani come out from Dev’s forehead.

Aadi Naagin grabs the Naagmani and says that he will come back to senses soon. She says that she should recite her story first.

Aadi Naagin says to Bela and Shesha that they need to go back to the Naaglok. Both of them show their console towards Vrinda and goes from there. Aadi Naagin starts reciting a story from the past 10,000 years when someone made her do something. She recalls

Precap: Aadi Naagin reveals the temple’s story. She invited Cheels in the Shiv Mandir!

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