Kay Mellor Cause of Death: Net Worth, Wiki, Husband


Yorkshire-born Kay Mellor passed away today. Kay Mellor was a revolutionary English actress, scriptwriter, and director. Kay Mellor was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, to a Catholic father, George, and Jewish mother, Dinah. Kay Mellor was a fantastic sister to two brothers, Philip and Robert.

Being found herself in teenage pregnancy, 16-year-old Kay Mellor married Anthony Mellor (Father of the children) in 1967. The couple had a strong relationship for years.

The Mellor family had two daughters, and both of the girls gained considerable fame in the television industry. The elder daughter is television producer Yvonne Francas (born 1968), and the Younger one is the actress Gaynor Faye (born 1971). Kay also had four grandchildren from her daughters.

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Kay Mellor Cause of Death

Kay Mellor’s death cause was natural death due to old age. According to initial reports, Kay wasn’t suffering from any terminal illness.

If there will be an update on Kay Mellor’s Cause of Death, we will update the same here. We could safely assume that there was no foul play in Kay’s death with the limited information.

Kay Mellor Net Worth

While Kay did some marvelous work on “The Syndicate” and “Strictly Confidential,”. Her net worth is currently estimated at 6 Million USD.


Kay Mellor Childhood Abuse 

The famous writer was the victim of Childhood abuse. Kay used to watch her mother physically abused by her father repeatedly. Sharing her experience with Guardian in 2017, she said – “My earliest memory is finding her on the floor in the living room and my father leaving. He beat up my mum. She threw him out.”

Kay Mellor Husband

Kay Mellor decided to keep the baby after getting pregnant at 16. Anthony Mellor and Kay read their vows when Kay was 16.

Gaynor Faye, Yvonne Francas, and four grandchildren, the couple had two children. The Vicar told Anthony Mellor that the marriage wouldn’t last on the wedding day, but it did.

Who Is Anthony Mellor?

Kay Mellor was a successful writer who worked on our favorite shows on ITV and BBC One. Kay was survived by her husband, Anthony Mellor. The pair read their vows in 1968 and cherished a happy life for the next 54 years till death forced them to get apart.

Kay Mellor preferred her personal life away from the public domain. While her daughters Gaynor and Yvonne were regularly into public appearances, Anthony kept a low profile.


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