Home Entertainment Listen to Kevin Samuels 911 Leaked Call: Woman desperate to save Samuels

Listen to Kevin Samuels 911 Leaked Call: Woman desperate to save Samuels

Kevin Samuels 911 Leaked
Kevin Samuels 911 Leaked

Kevin Samuels 911 Call: Kevin Samuels passed away due to possible cardiac arrest. The professional dating advice expert got a sudden cardiac arrest. Fortunately enough, the lady he was spending the time with happened to be a professional nurse.

The woman desperately tried to save Samuels before he submitted to death. According to the report on The Tribune Voice, the night Samuels passed away due to cardiac arrest, he complained about continuous chest pain.

Restless woman could be heard giving CPR while sharing addresses with the authorities. Woman’s efforts removed all the possible questions of any foul play between the two who were present in the room.

Listen to Kevin Samuels’s 911 Leaked Call here.

The lady was repeatedly quoting that Samuels has an ‘irregular rhythm.’

“He’s not breathing, and I’m trying to give him CPR,” she says. “He’s breathing now but I think the rhythm is irregular. I’m a nurse. Hurry! He’s turning blue.

The woman grows increasingly hysterical as she tries to explain to dispatchers that she doesn’t know the apartment number and doesn’t want to stop her efforts to revive him.

“It will take longer if we have to ask the front desk,” the dispatcher says.

“I’m not going to stop giving him CPR. Ask the front @$%*& desk,” she says.

The nurse encourages Samuels to stay alive for his daughter at one point. The nurse asks the dispatcher to call the building’s front desk to see if they have an AED, but the office is closed.

Kevin Samuels 911 Leaked Call shows the woman’s desperate attempts to save Samuels. The woman even asked the Emergency team respondents to arrive with a medical kit available at Building’s front desk.

While Kevin Samuels was being transported to the hospital, he was unresponsive. However, his death was called inside the hospital.

Originally, the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office said it could not affirm or deny if Samuels had died. They posted an autopsy notice for Samuels on their website late Friday afternoon.

Controversial dating life advice expert Samuels used to provide life improvement coaching to many businessmen and married men and women worldwide. He became the center of attraction after one of his videos passing questionable comments on YouTube went viral.

Kevin Samuels is well-known for making personal comments on men and women – searching for someone to spend the night with during their later ages.

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