Jethro Cave’s mother Beau Lazenby & model wife of Nick Cave mourns death of her son

Who is Beau Lazenby? Model mother of Jethro Lazenby & wife of Nick Cave, Wiki Bio Net Worth
Who is Beau Lazenby? Model mother of Jethro Lazenby & wife of Nick Cave, Wiki Bio Net Worth

Beau Lazenby is the mother of late Jethro Cave, the son of famous musician Nick Cave. But the model is not Nick’s wife. It’s because he didn’t marry her, and Jethro was born out of wedlock. She is just his baby momma. Jethro Lazenby died on May 9, 2022, but the reason/cause of death was not confirmed.

The full/official name of Nick Cave is Nicholas Edward Cave. He is a singer, songwriter, author, screenwriter, composer, and actor based in Australia. His son, Jethro Lazenby, was a model and actor. Nick shared the news of the death of his son. In the statement, he asked for some privacy to mourn Jethro’s death.

Who is Beau Lazenby? Jethro Mother & Nick Cave Wife

People usually get confused when referring to Beau Lazenby as the mother of his child. On the one hand, she is indeed the mother of Nick Cave’s child Jethro Lazenby, but she is not Nick’s wife as they didn’t marry each other, and their son was born out of wedlock.

Beau came into the limelight when her son, Jethro, was born. It was told that her child’s father is an American singer. Later on, the name of his father was made official. Jethro was born in 1991. (Also Read: Jethro Lazenby Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Death Cause, Mother, Father.)

But it’s not like Nick Cave hasn’t married anyone. Instead, he has been married twice.
Nick Cave Wife – Beau Lazenby, Viviane Carneiro, and Susie Bick. (Also Check: Kevin Samuels 911 Call.)

Nick’s first wife is Viviane Carneiro, with whom he tied the knot in 1990. They got separated after divorcing in 1996. Viviane is a fashion designer and writer based in Brazil. Moreover, they also share a son named Luke Cave, born in 1991. He has done some collaborations with his father.

Then, he met with his second and current wife, Susie Bick, aka Susie Cave at the Natural History Museum. Nick said he lost to her after just one long, sobering gaze. They were blessed with twins Arthur Cave and Earl Cave, born in 2000.


Jethro Lazenby Cause of Death: How did Jethro Cave die?

It’s not sure and not official as to what did Jethro Lazenby die of. It’s the second time when Nick is facing such a sad moment. Jethro is his second child who died. He had four children, four sons to be precise, namely Jethro, Luke, Arthur and Earl. Now he has only two children left alive.

The 31-year-old late model was suffering from mental health issues. In the past, he had claimed that he came across his father Nick only when he was seven years old. He was released from prison just two days prior to his untimely death. The magistrate had instructed him to undergo a procedure and stay away from his mother, Beau Lazenby, for two years. In the court, he had admitted to hitting his mother with the knee.

The deceased model had a modelling career in London. But, later on, he returned to Australia. Reportedly, he had schizophrenia.

What did Arthur Cave die of? Nick Cave’s son’s Death Cause / Reason

In 2015, Nick Cave lost one of his four children. Arthur died from falling from a cliff in England. Nick’s 15-year-old son had taken LSD before jumping into 60 feet. Several people saw him and reported the same. His death inspired Nick for two albums – Ghosteen and Skeleton Tree, and the documentary One More Time With Feeling, released in 2016.

Beau Lazenby Net Worth 2022

Per reports, Beau Lazenby, the mother of Jethro Cave, has garnered a wealth of net worth of about $5 million. She has earned most of it from her modelling career. Beau is about 50-60 years of age. There is nothing much information available on the internet.

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