Tarek Zahed Shot In Auburn Shooting At A Gym Has Criminal Past, Brother Omar Maybe Dead

Tarek Zahed Shot In Auburn Shooting At A Gym Has Criminal Past / Record, Brother Omar Maybe Dead - BBC, Telegraph, NSW Police, Herald Sun, Daily Mail Breaking News
Tarek Zahed Shot In Auburn Shooting At A Gym Has Criminal Past / Record, Brother Omar Maybe Dead - BBC, Telegraph, NSW Police, Herald Sun, Daily Mail Breaking News

Tarek Zahed has been shot and suffered severe injuries, while his brother Omar has been declared dead. The shooting happened outside gym in Sydney. The Comancheros bikie and his brother were shot 10 times outside Bodyfit Gym on Parramatta Road. The incident took place after 8 pm on Tuesday.

The gang’s national sergeant-at-arms was shot in the head, while the other was shot in the stomach, arms and legs. The friends of the bikie boss have posted their condolences on Omar’s TikTok page. The duo was known to visit the gym frequently. People closed warned them to change their routine because a $1 million bounty was placed on the high-profile member.

Zahed is popularly known as the Balenciaga Bikie. In May 2020, he was arrested and charged with two contravening severe crime prevention order counts. NSW Police has been continuing its operation of cracking down on organized crime.

A spokesperson told the TheReporterTimes correspondent that one had been shot dead, but didn’t confirm who had died. The other brother is believed to be in critical condition at Westmead Hospital. Zahed and his brother were found with bullet wounds all over their bodies.Zahed and his brother were found with bullet wounds all over their bodies, as an NSW Ambulance spokesman told.

Per Inspector Kevin McSweeney, one man in a critical condition has been shot as many as ten times. He is still unconscious and breathing. Police found a white Audi station wagon in the burnt condition near Berala. They are looking for any connection between the two. 

Officers have blocked the street and diverted traffic away from the busy road in the city. NSW Police told The Reporter Times that NSW Ambulance treated two men on the scene, and then they were taken to the hospital. Despite getting emergency services, one of them passed away.

A full array of investigations has begun. Police have started an operation on Parramatta Road at Auburn so that the citizens will come across local diversions. The department asked people to avoid the area.

One of the Zahed brothers had gone into cardiac arrest before the paramedics could have arrived. Inspector said that the paramedics did everything they could, but one of them died at the scene. It was a horrific and confronting scene that several people witnessed. By God’s grace, no public was injured.

Police brought down the Comancheros’ member in Sydney. Last week, the motorcycle club’s former leader Mick Murray was also apprehended by the police. The 41-year-old Zahed was believed to become the next national president of the outlaw club.

Allegedly, Police reports that Zahed didn’t notify officers about living arrangement changes while visiting NSW from Melbourne.

In August 2020, police arrested Zahed, his brothers Omar and Abdul, and their associate Raouf Mousawel. Because they had broken the lockdown laws and were spotted walking in Drummoyne at around 2 am. It is alleged that Police questioning made the men angry.


It is believed that Abdul and Omar used to live in Yagoona in Sydney. Police allegedly spotted them 20km away from their home. Per public health orders, no one could travel more than 5km from their home for exercise in Greater Sydney.

Tarek Zahed used to live within 5 kilometres of the Bay Run. Still, he allegedly violated lockdown rules by exercising in a group. The group was fined $14,000 in fines for the incident.

The Comanchero enforcer was regularly seen donning high-end designer clothes. Outside of court, he once asked journalists to give a record/proof of his offences. He then continued to say that he didn’t wear Gucci; instead, it was just a Versace shirt. So, he claimed that stories of him wearing designer clothing are false.

In another high profile incident, Zahed pushed another man. It all got recorded in CCTV placed in Sydney’s Barangaroo casino. At that incident, he was captured wearing a Balenciaga shirt. It was after this assault he earned the nickname of Balenciaga Bikie.

People close to Zahed asked him to change his regular lifestyle after a $1 million bounty was placed on his head. The 41-year-old was connected to exiled drug lord Mark Buddle, and he had links to criminals in both NSW and Victoria.

Recently, Comancheros and the Alameddine family formed an unlikely union as Zahed was constantly under pressure from arch-rivals the Hamzy crew.

Tarek Zahed Criminal History / Past Record

  • 1995: Balenciaga Bikie was convicted of assault and resisting arrest.
  • 2001: Zahed was charged with attacking someone using a dog. Court ordered him to spend eight months in periodic detention.
  • 2004: Zahed spent five years behind bars for assualting another man. The victim suffered brain damage over a drug feud.
  • 2009: Zahed became a synonym for the Comanchero bikie club.
  • 2011: Multiple men were stabbed. Zahed’s associate was shot. Tarek fired four bullets from a moving car. The bullets hit a man in the ear and shoulder.
  • Zahed was prisoned for eight years with a non-parole of five years.
  • 2012: Zahed became a full member of the Comancheros.
  • 2020: Zahed became the national Sergeant at Arms of the outlaw club.
  • Police convicted him for dealing in crime as he withdrew thousands of dollars from one family member’s bank accounts.
  • 2021: He punched a man, and the incident was caught on camera.
  • He left for Lebanon.
  • 2022: Zahed was arrested and charged with violating a grave crime prevention order.
  • Shot 10 times outside the gym in Auburn.

Source of Tarek Zahed criminal history / past record: NSW Supreme Court records

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