Mumbai Central Movie Review Rating: Touching the atrocities of prostitution in India

mumbai central review

Mumbai Central Movie Review Rating:┬áMumbai Central Railway station is famous for advocating many lives on daily basis. From a rich to a poor, everyone travels this station to reach his/her destination. The movie ‘Mumbai Central’ is named so primarily because of the same reason. A girl goes a long way from her hometown to reach the station, but something not expectable was waiting for her.

The movie questions the atrocities of cheap prostitution in India. The market which exists in front of the system but they failed to rectify the things up. The girl was picked up from a remote town giving temptation of getting married to a man.

He uses the girl and throws her back in a room with an unknown client, the journey of stress starts from there. Although the production values of the movie aren’t wealthy but hard work of actors is noticeable.

In the film, Gauri is a young girl who lives in a tranquil village in the foothills of the Himalayas. She lives with her family; her father is a poor farmer. His debt to the local landlord has become a problem for the poor family. With hardly any income in the house, he has no choice but to give up his land as collateral.

Gauri tries to find a way out of the problem. One day she meets a stranger Rohit, they fall in love. He promises her a good job in the city of Mumbai. With dreams of a better life and to help her father Gauri leaves for Mumbai. Mumbai takes her on a stroll through the hard substances of life.

Mumbai Central is her story as she fights the hardship that life throws at her and her journey to find peace within herself. The movie ‘Mumbai Central’ is more or less based on a fight of girl against the prostitution.

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