Naagin/Nagin Season 4 26th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Vrinda has doubts on Shalaka regarding her intention towards Dev!

Naagin Season 4 2nd August 2020 Written Episode Update: Dev kills Swara in front of Vrinda!
Naagin / Nagin Season 4 2nd August 2020 Written Episode Update: Dev kills Swara in front of Vrinda!

The episode begins with Shakala showing an evil magic bottle to Vrushali, Rasik, and Ketki. She says that she can use this bottle to hypnotize Dev and make him speak her wordings. Vrushali says that she has to do it four times to grab Dev’s soul in the bottle. Shalaka says that she will put Dev’s soul back in 10 seconds when Naagmani comes out from him.

Manas, Hardik, and Lily make a plan for the wedding. Dev says to Lily that he wants to begin life with a new phase and recalls his promise to Vrinda. Vrinda hears them and feels happy. Hardik questions them to final his clothes. Vrinda asks them whether she can help to choose the clothes.

Dev asks Vrinda to sit with him. Shalaka comes and pushes Vrinda. Shalaka sits with Dev and acts that her leg is hurt. Hardik wears a Sherwani, and Shalaka compliments him. (check: Naagin Written Updates.)

Vrinda asks him for another option. Vrinda says that they can practice for a couple of dance until Hardik comes. Shalaka gets up that she and Dev will do. Vrinda sits with Dev and says that she meant about partner dance. Shalaka makes Dev speak to Vrinda that he wants to try a jacket.

Shalaka comes to Hardik that he should show his outfit to Vrinda. Vrinda gets stuck with all of them. Shalaka takes Dev on a corner and opens the bottle to take his soul in it. Dev’s eyes turn red, and Shalaka gets shocked to see it. Vrinda asks Dev whether he will come for selecting the songs. He agrees for it.

Shalaka goes upstairs, and Vrushali questions whether she took out Dev’s soul the second time. Shalaka says that his eyes turned blood red. Vrushali says that they have to take out Naagmani soon, so Dev also turns normal.

Vrinda starts a couple dance with Dev. Shalaka and Vrushali keep an eye upon them from the upstairs. Vrinda puts the stone in Dev’s pocket. Shalaka hypnotizes Dev to speak that he has some office work to leave. Shalaka questions Vrushali whether Vrinda is upset now. Vrushali says that nothing happened.

Dev and Vrinda are talking to each other. Shalaka hypnotizes Dev, but she fails again. Everyone claps on Dev and Vrinda’s dance.

Shalaka says to Vrushali that she is away from Dev, so her magic didn’t work. Vrushali asks her to explain her whole plan. Shalaka says to Vrushali, Ketki, and Rasik that she will handle it. Shalaka uses her ring to see what is happening in Dev’s room. Everyone sees at the bubble into Dev’s room.

They see Vrinda coming into the room and getting ready. Vrinda calls Dev that she is coming.

Shalaka gets angry, seeing Vrinda wearing Dev’s nuptial thread. Shalaka uses the magic to see Dev’s location. She understands that Dev has arranged a particular plan for Vrinda with beautiful decorations. She gets angry that she will not make them meet.

She uses her ring to do some magic. Ketki gets shocked, seeing Shalaka’s green eyes and tells Vrushali and Rasik. Shalaka uses her magic to stop Vrinda from going out. Shalaka asks Ketki, Vrushali, and Rasik to stop them.


The magical bubble comes to Dev’s room and pushes the water jug near Vrinda. Vrinda’s saree gets wet in the water, and she uses the dryer to dry it.

Shalaka hypnotizes Dev to speak that he should love Shalaka and ignore Vrinda when she comes. Shalaka calls Dev that all these arrangements are for her? Dev says that it is for her and gives her the roses. Vrinda gets shocked, seeing them.

Vrinda questions Dev why is he doing all this? Dev says that it is his fault. Shalaka again hypnotizes Dev to speak that he has feelings for Shalaka, so he wants her to see this. Vrinda questions why did he give her the locket? Shalaka makes him talk that he just satisfied himself, but he has come close to Shalaka. Vrinda leaves from there.

Swara sees Shalaka talking to herself. She sees Dev’s jacket over there and looks at the stone. She rubs the stone, and it turns red. She recalls that Vrinda’s baba told her that if the stone changes color, it means someone is trying to snatch Dev’s soul. She doubts on Shalaka. She thinks if Dev’s soul comes out from his body, then he will turn into a Devil.

Swara turns and sees Shalaka standing in front of her. Shalaka says that she knows all her secrets now. Shalaka says that she is doing all this for Naagmani as it is inside Dev’s body. Shalaka says that she is Nayantara. Swara gets shocked and runs from her. Shalaka uses her magic to bring Swara to her.

Swara holds her Om locket and the bubble bursts from it. Dev comes to his room and questions Vrinda what has happened? He questions why is she crying? Vrinda says that she saw and heard everything as he did it for her. She says that he made her wear his jacket. Dev questions to whom? Vrinda says, stop it.

Vrushali hears their conversation. Dev says that he didn’t recall anything, and his eyes turn red. Vrushali gets shocked, seeing it, but it becomes routine. Vrushali calls Shalaka, and she tells her everything.

Swara runs from the door, and Shalaka goes behind her but gets busy on Vrushali’s call. Swara takes an auto and leaves. Shalaka uses her power to follow Swara.

Dev says to Vrinda that she should trust him and gives her the rose without thorns. Vrinda says that she has doubts about Shalaka. Vrinda says that she is making him do it as she is doing some evil magic on him.

Swara tries to call Vrinda but can’t connect. She is going towards Laal Thekdi temple.
Vrinda says to Dev that they need to find everything about Shalaka. Dev tells her that her mother brought Shalaka’s Rishta. Vrinda questions Dev whether his mother can be involved in it?

Precap: Dev shoots on Swara in the presence of Vrinda. Vrinda gets angry, seeing it!

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