Namor vs Aquaman: Which Sea God is More Powerful in Duos

Namor vs Aquaman
Namor vs Aquaman

Namor vs Aquaman: Marvel has also talked about the different backstory they’ve created for the character so that he won’t feel like Marvel’s version of Aquaman. Aquaman’s backstory is similar to Namor’s backstory, even though if you actually read the comics, Namor is quite different.

Namor will look like it just says the traditional look of Mayan culture will inspire his uniform. He looks like classic Namor with the original costume; they’re just updating it a little bit with modern-looking technology.

Namor’s colony is supposed to be advanced like Black Panther and the people of Wakanda. Wakanda uses really advanced technology because of how they evolved in secrecy, so what marvel has done has tuned his backstory a little bit with a couple of changes to make him fit.

While Namor and Aquaman look and feels much similar in power and growth with the ocean. DC’s King of Atlantis could be defeated by Namor any day in a duo. Aquaman, despite all his strengths, will easily lose against ruthless Namor.


Age-wise, Namor is an older character; Namor debuted in 1939’ in legendary Marvel Comics #1, which also saw the debut of the earliest Human Torch. Aquaman shows up in 1941’s More Fun Comics #73.

Powers comparison: Namor vs Aquaman

  1. Aquaman and Namor are both Kings of Ocean Colonies.
  2. Both are Amphibious.
  3. Aquaman can control sea creatures. Namor can summon sea monsters using his conch.
  4. Namor can fly while Aquaman can’t.
  5. Namor is as fast as Black Panther and strong as Hulk underwater, which goes way beyond the powers of Aquaman.

So if there will be any duos between Aquaman and Namor. The DC’s superhero is going to lose big time.

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