One Piece Chapter 929 Release Date and Official Spoilers from Jump Festa

One Piece Chapter 969 Release Date, Manga Spoilers, Predictions and Updates
One Piece Chapter 929 Release Date and Official Spoilers

The official spoilers of One Piece chapter 929 have been released recently. Jump Festa is buzzing all around as Shonen Jump has made a big announcement regarding their anime lineup for the next year. A number of previews have been shown which includes the demo for One Piece Worldseeker. It will release in 2019.

The time for One Piece also came in which a page for One Piece chapter 929 was showcased. The showcase featured the green haired swordsman from the Straw Hat Pirates. Zoro can be seen with a thief who appears as his new associate. It appears as if he is not able to get to their meeting point and seems lost in Wano.

Also, it is still not known where he is as of that point of time. Zoro was last seen when the news of Luffy being captured appeared in the newspapers. At that time, he was enjoying his meal of Wasabi Sushi. The Sushi Vendor seemed to have changed now.


One Piece Chapter 929 Release Date and Official Spoilers

Sandman tried to translate it and it is as follows: Zoro is with a thief and the thief may have become his new associate. His new acquaintance said that he don’t need to worry about food anymore as Zoro is strong. As the thief keeps on talking, the Straw Hat swordsman gets pissed off.

The thief continue to say that women from Wano will flock over him because he is strong. It may soon turn out to be an interesting point because as per the speculations, Zoro might finally find his romantic partner in the Wano country.

There are some hopes that Komurasaki will fall head over heels to Zoro. It will be interesting to see Zoro meeting with the Oiran and tempting with a woman. It’s because he hasn’t been seen tempted before in the series, even to Boa Hancock. The One Piece 929 will release on January 7, 2019.

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