One Piece Chapter 866 Release Date & Manga Spoilers: Will Big Mom Die Soon?

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One Piece 866 is the next chapter of manga series to be released soon. Earlier, we saw that Luffy and Bege had hurt the Big Mom. And in the upcoming episode, it is entirely possible that it would be the end of the Charlotte family’s head.

One Piece Chapter 866

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There are many rumors and speculations. Regarding the coming chapter 866 of One Piece manga, it is being speculated that the allegiance between Luffy and Bege could be successful in the future by completing their assassination plot.

There are speculations that Luffy’s friend Sanji would decline to become a member of the Straw Hats even after the Big Mom’s death. It’s because of the expectations that his family would finally learn to respect and love him.

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If One Piece chapter 866 reports are to be believed, then Sanji is ready to do anything and go any level to save his family. He is willing to cut off the candy which is the reason for the clan’s existence.

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There are reports which say that Sanji will start moving his family away, immediately after he hears the ear-piercing cry of Big Mom which could lead to the death of anyone.

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As a result, his family would see his compassion and love towards his family and in turn, they will start loving and caring him. It could also mean that he will eventually abandon his friends and start living with the Vinsmoke clan.


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In the meantime, a report claimed that there will be a flashback revealing the relationship between Big Mom and Mother Caramel. Mother Caramel is assumed to be the guardian of BigMom when she was younger.

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It also explains the emotional attachment of the Charlotte family’s ruthless leader with the portrait of Mother Caramel. They seem to have a strong bond between them.

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Meanwhile, some sources claimed that Big Mom can’t die. The death can’t happen as she is a crucial character in the One Piece manga series.

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The Big Mom’s possible death in the upcoming chapter would introduce a new arc in the story in the coming days.

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One Piece chapter 866 is expected to be released on May 29, 2017, Monday.

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