One Piece Chapter 881 Spoilers and Release Date: Luffy Found Katakuri’s Weakness?

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One Piece Chapter 881: It’s going to release next week. Until then, we have some spoilers and predictions. Let’s go through the preview available first. In the One Piece 880, we found that the Straw Hats aren’t faring too well as Big Mom is catching up with Thousand Sunny riding on a huge wave. It will continue in One Piece 881.

In the meantime, Luffy isn’t doing any better than them either. Katakuri is easily countering Luffy’s attacks as a skilled fighter. However, the reports say that he will find a weakness in the techniques used by the Sweet Commander. After discovering the weakness, Luffy will attack and defeat Katakuri. But, still, that won’t be an easy job to do.

One Piece Chapter 881 Spoilers

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Will Big Mom Catch Thousand Sunny With Giant Wave?

Though Big Mom may not be making wise decisions at the moment, she is adamant to chase the Straw Hat Pirates down. She still believes in the story of Perospero who stole the wedding cake. Thousand Sunny used the escape method known as Coup de Burt. It has got them some distance temporarily from the Big Mom. The Yonko will catch up quickly with the help of the candy sea slug created by Perospero.

Big Mom appears to be serious this time. The Yonko released a monstrous wave and now, it’s threatening Thousand Sunny to drown her and her crew. It will be interesting to see how the Straw Hats plan to escape this dangerous situation in One Piece 881. They will need some really clever ideas to escape on such a short notice.

The Straw Hats can utilize Coup de Burst once again to gain another kilometer headstart. Apparently, Nami has given up on any hope of escape. It may be because, by the time they noticed that huge wave, it was already on them. So, they were left with no time to execute the maneuver in One Piece chapter 881.

But, that doesn’t mean that everyone on the Thousand Sunny will die. However, it may be entirely possible that all of them will be killed in a fight with overpowered Big Mom. But, Big Mom just wants the wedding cake this time. So, it probably means that she is not after the Straw Hats to kill them instead, she just wants to eat the cake.


But, it will turn into a bad situation for Perospero if she finds out that there is no cake on Thousand Sunny. She has already warned and threatened to kill him if she discovers that he was lying. The reports say that the Thousand Sunny will still be able to survive even if the big wave hits her. It would be because of Jinbe who is a Fishman.

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Will Luffy Find Out Katakuri’s Weakness in One Piece Chapter 881?

Luffy is fighting Katakuri inside the mirror world of Brulee and he is not doing well against his opponent. Katakuri is the strongest of all the Three Sweet Commanders. Thus, he didn’t face any problem while countering Luffy’s moves. He countered the attacks by copying Luffy’s style and launching his own more powerful mochi-based version.

Still, Luffy has left with two choices/possibilities to defeat Katakuri. The first is to find out if there’s any weakness in Katakuri’s style. For instance, mochi is basically food, so heat or fire will have an effect on its properties. Luffy can utilize an improved version of the Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk against him.

It’s a good speculation as Oda has already revealed that a Sweet Commander has some weakness. Luffy won against Cracker because it was figured out by Nami that Cracker’s hard biscuit soldiers would become ineffective against water. So, it is very much possible to counter Katakuri’s mochi-based attack with fire in the upcoming chapter.

One Piece Chapter 881 Release Date

Another possible solution is that Luffy can develop a new Gear 4 attack. Let’s see how Oda will react to this situation and how this attack of Luffy works when we know that Katakuri can copy Luffy’s attacks. One Piece manga Chapter 881 will be released on October 9, 2017.

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