Quantico Season 1 Episode 16 (S1E16) Review

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Quantico Season 1 Episode 16 (S1E16) Review: I like the way the series is progressing week by week. Gathering up the pace in time has certainly done the series some good. The plot of the terrorist threatening Alex to get his dirty work done is continued this week. In the last episode, Alex and Simon decide to tell Hannah everything about the Voice. (see: All Episodes of Quantico.)

The episode begins with Hannah been told everything about the dilemma Alex is in. She decides to take the case to the FBI but restrains herself from doing so due to Alex’s fear for her friends’ lives. Ryan is already suspicious of the things going on between Alex and Hannah. He finds it hard to believe that Alex and Hannah are even able to see each other eye to eye.


Quantico Season 1 Episode 16 (S1E16) Review

Hannah tries to play the big game by looking at the bigger picture. She doesn’t know what the Voice is capable of doing. See is soon made aware by the Voice that who’s the boss when she tries to take the investigation in her hands. She faces flak when she stops a college student from checking up on Senator Haas. (Also: Panama Papers Leaks Download.)

Meanwhile, in flashbacks to Quantico, the team is challenged to a test where no one wins. First, Alex and Perales are miffed with each other. Then Shelby is too enthusiastic at everything and mind you; she’s having fun with Caleb, who himself is trying to infiltrate a terrorist organization to save his best friend.

Quantico S1E16

In the preliminary challenge, trainees are paired up to arrest an offender each time. After that, they are faced with the final challenge. It’s a hijack plane simulation, where the trainees are required to subdue the hijackers.

One by one everyone fails, with it eventually being revealed that the challenge was made for everyone to lose, Kobayashi Maru in Olsen’s words. In spite of that, Shelby had a very hard time with it. Alex later comes to know that Shelby’s parents are alive and well.

In the present time, Alex is asked to keep an envelope in the auditorium where Senator Haas is going to give her speech. The device turns out to be one which could turn electric devices off. Hannah figures out what the exchanged pills were for.

Quantico Season 1 Episode 16 (S1E16) Review

So, to save the Senator she fires a shot in the air to create chaos. She is suspended. We learn that the attempt on Haas’ life was just a distraction to steal something from labs just below the auditorium. Finally, we see Liam inviting Ryan to become the counsellor after Miranda leaves.

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