Raees vs Kaabil 2nd / 3rd Day Collection 1st Thursday / Friday Box Office Total Report: SRK Movie Inches Away From Kabil

Kaabil vs Raees Box Office Collection
Kaabil vs Raees Box Office Collection

Raees vs Kaabil 2nd / 3rd Day Box Office Collection 2 / 3 Days Kabil vs Raes 1st Thursday / Friday Report: SRK movie Raees and Hrithik’s Kaabil released on January 25, and it probably became the biggest clash ever in the Bollywood history. The first was led by Shahrukh Khan by a significant margin. It seems that Shahrukh’s film will be the winner on the second day too.

Despite the clash, both the movies witnessed a huge increase regarding occupancy and thus the business as the ticket prices were the same as day 1 (Wednesday). The credit for the jump goes to the national holiday of 217 Republic Day of India. But Kaabil got a higher rise in comparison to Raees. Shahrukh’s flick will fare better till the first weekend being star power in the equation.

Raees vs Kaabil 2nd Day Box Office Collection

Raees vs Kaabil Box Office Prediction
2 Days Kabil vs Raes 1st Thursday Report

It is expected that Kaabil will pick up in the long run because of having better and good word of mouth. The same happened on Thursday and the Kaabil movie showed significant growth as the word of mouth factor came into play earlier than expected. Hrithik starrer has grown about 5 times in some of the areas. Being a content oriented film, it should grow further.

On Thursday, Kaabil opened with an average occupancy of 55 percent in the morning shows. It got around 30% hike compared to yesterday’s figures. While Raees started its second day with about 75% occupancy and thus gained 15% growth. The latest venture of Shahrukh was already faring at its best. Thus it wasn’t any much growth left. Still, it grew. Kaabil has much potential left to grow with a lot of space.

Raees vs Kaabil 2nd Day Box Office Collection 2 Days Kabil vs Raes 1st Thursday Report
Raees vs Kaabil 2nd Day Box Office Collection 2 Days Kabil vs Raes 1st Thursday Report

Raees vs Kaabil Occupancy Comparison of 2 Days

Movie Wednesday Thursday Jump
Raees 60% 75% 15%
Kaabil 25% 55% 30%

Kaabil 2nd Day Collection

Kaabil 2nd Day Box Office Collection 2 Days Kabil 1st Thursday Report
2 days Kabil 1st Thursday box office report

Hrithik Roshan starrer Kaabil is facing stiff competition from Shahrukh Khan starrer Raees which is affecting its business significantly. It’s the reason why Kabil got a lower than expected opening. However, it showed jump to a large extent as it all started from the morning shows. Let’s check out Kaabil second day collection update.

The occupancy for the film increased in Maharashtra and Southern India belt where it was expected to be welcomed with open arms on the release date. Later than never, it showed growth and potential to grow further. But the competition from Raees box office is still affecting its collection to improve. If there hadn’t been any clash, Kaabil at box office would have minted double of what it did yesterday. However, holiday and word of mouth are helping it to grow its business.

Kaabil needs its Thursday collection to increase at least 60% to give proper competition to Raees. It has already received a healthy growth and can grow further. Kaabil should earn more than 15 crores today which looks like an achievable target.

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Kaabil 2nd Day Box Office Collection 2 Days Kabil 1st Thursday Report
Raees vs Kaabil 2nd Day Box Office Collection 2 Days Kabil vs Raes 1st Thursday Report

The interesting thing will be to see how it performs in major market cities because of two reasons – a national holiday and word of mouth factor. The city audiences have started liking it more than the single screens. Thus its collections will increase from the multiplexes. The content and Hrithik’s presence are making it possible to happen. Kaabil collection will further increase in the night shows.

No Wednesday Thursday
Morning 25% 55%
Noon 35% 75%
Evening 55% 85%

The early trends of 2nd day Kaabil box office collection say that it will get at least 50% growth. The rest will depend on how it fares in the later half of the day. It got an average response on the opening and minted Rs. 10.43 cr on Wednesday. The collections were slightly better than Hrithik’s last release Mohenjo Daro.


Friday (January 27, 2017) Update: Kaabil will face a dip in its business due to regular working day. The third day of Kabil started with a drop in occupancy and it was around 30% on an average. But, increased with the passage.

Kaabil 1st Day Collection – Rs. 10.42 cr

Kaabil 2nd Day Collection – Rs. 18.67 cr

Kaabil 3rd Day Collection – Rs. 9.77 cr

Kaabil 3 Days Box Office worldwide collections – Rs. 39.19 cr (domestic) + $1.5 mn (~Rs. 10 cr) (overseas) = Rs. 49 cr WW

Stay tuned for further and exact figures’ updates and Kaabil fourth day collection Kabil updates.

Raees 2nd Day Collection

Raees 1st Day Box Office Collection Opening Raes First Wednesday Report
2 Days Raes 1st Thursday Box Office Report

The early trends say that it will register an earth shattering business at the worldwide BO. It witnessed growth from yesterday. The morning shows started with a bang. The morning occupancy reached 80% today whereas it was around 60% yesterday. It is good news for the makers. It has got a better growth in the multiplexes as compared to single screens.

It started best in Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, and Rajasthan where the occupancy rises up to 85% on an average. At some places, the single screens showed growth while the others were steady. It was already high in areas of West Bengal and South India, so it didn’t increase much. Some parts of Punjab underperformed previously. If it is gain vast collections, in the long run, it needs to fare steadily in North India.

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Raees vs Kaabil 2nd Day Box Office Collection 2 Days Kabil vs Raes 1st Thursday Report
Raees vs Kaabil 2nd Day Box Office Collection 2 Days Kabil vs Raes 1st Thursday Report

Being a national holiday of Republic Day, Raees collection got a considerable boost. Due to advance bookings, the tickets for the film were already sold out completely for the evening and night shows. If the occupancy increases in the later part of the day, the movie will register a record collection from both the multiplexes and single screens. Raees Thursday collection can cross the 25 crore mark.

Occupancy Wednesday Thursday
Morning 60% 75%
Noon 65% 85%
Evening 80% 85%

The early trend reports of 2nd day Raees box office collection will earn more than Rs 25 crores. If it fares well throughout the day and night, it will result in better BO numbers. It collected Rs. 20.42 crores on opening and beat Hrithik Roshan starrer Kaabil by a big difference. It became fourth highest opener for Shahrukh after Happy New Year, Chennai Express, and Dilwale. The match between India and England affected the collections a bit.

Friday (27th January 2017) Update: Raees occupancy dropped to 40% in the morning shows. But, it got increased in the later shows. Hope it will improve in the noon and night shows. Raees third day faces this drop being a regular working weekday.

Raees 1st Day Collection – Rs. 20.42 cr

Raees 2nd Day Collection – Rs. 26.42 cr

Raees 3rd Day Collection – Rs. 13.11 cr (early estimates)

Raees 2 Dsys worldwide collections – Rs. 59.17 cr (domestic) + $2 mn (~Rs. 14 cr) (overseas) = Rs. 73 cr WW

Raees movie review rating
Raees vs Kaabil 2nd Day Box Office Collection 2 Days Kabil vs Raes 1st Thursday Report

We will keep updating this page throughout the day. So, stay tuned and tell us what do you think about the future of these two movies? What are your guesses for their Saturday / 4th day collection of Raees and Kaabil? Feel free to share in comments.

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  1. I watched both… Nd i can say.. Raees is just nothing in front of Kabil… Hats off to Hrithik.. Awesome acting.. Awesome story.. Simply great…. 5/5

    For raees.. Mmm.. Just below average … 2/5

  2. I think Kaabil is best ,ar per my view kaabil’s story,directing,music and H.R’s good quality acting as a blind man,it’s totally hurt touching.and Raees -it’s story is a very normal and it’s hero SRK ‘s leading acting is good other wise it’s a simple.

  3. One should not waste time to watch Kabil
    Sirf kabil naam rakhane se nahi hota kabil to tu kabhi tha hi nahi sirf rakesh roshan ki wajah se hai

  4. In Raees Sharukh & Navaz acting is outstanding but story is normal and Hirithik shows his quality that he can do anythung that no body can do it like his….

  5. I watched both raees and kaabil there is no comparison between the two they both are of different genre raaes is crime drama and is superb because of Shahrukh its a paisa vasool for massy and nawaz and srk will not dispoint u. While on the other hand kaabil is romantic thriller and revenge story which is for class audience. But very much common these days. But hritik nailed his role. So for my opinion both are good but I’ll choose Raaes any day over kaabil.

  6. Bura aadmi 2-4 acche kam karne se accha nhi kahlata vo raees to ban sakta hai par kaabil kabhi nhi ban sakta ……………..raees ka story kaabil k samne kaabil nhi nhi……….kabil is better than raees

  7. Jo kaabil ko kaabil nhi mante wo ek housefly ki tarah hain jo pure khoobsurat zism ko chhor kar zakhm pr hi baithte gai………..kAabil is better than raees

  8. Kabil is 80— Raeees is 20… that Budha bandar SRK is gone …. looked both movies …. Kabil is really 1000 time better.

  9. HR rocks kabil is superb aur HR ko kisi jalankhor ko proff karne ki jarurat nahi hai ki wo kitne kabil hai and raees has no solid story running in the name of SRK

  10. Kaabil will destroy raees in next two day…yesterday occupancy of both is same is 55 %…so salute to sir hrithik and whole kaabil team…

  11. Raees is Awwsome Everybody watch raes srk Rock & Kabil is worst movire waste of time & Money also sada hua rithik roshan

    watch only raees

    • Aaja mere pass tko maza deta ch**t g**nd chatne wali muslimo ki #srk hepatbya aaja mera lele waise bhi tum indians ka bada accha lgta hai???

  12. I watched both… Nd i can say.. Raees is just nothing in front of Kabil… Hats off to Hrithik.. Awesome acting.. Awesome story.. Simply great…. 5/5

    For raees.. Mmm.. Just below average … 2/5


  13. raees bakwass bhi hota toh….srk ke karan bHut naam kamata…. so… srk is perfect actor in the Bollywood.

  14. Kaabil is the awesome I bieng Muslim hate Shahrukh Khan .. Hindu guys are so stupid do you see any Muslim supporting Hindu actor.. Shahrukh is antindian.. So guys wake up..save India and are patroitic Heros like Akshay Kumar Ajay Devgun and Salman Khan …….Shahrukh and Aamir are always against Hindu and India …

  15. U all SRK fans #Pakistani shut ur mouth and SRK d&ck in ur mouth Raess is nothing comparatively Kaabil #Hritik Rocks
    #SRK #Kamina#Pakistan ka #Kutta

  16. Raees mein nawajuddin bhari pd gya aur ab Second Day growth percent kaabil ka jyada gya Third Day collection drop percent Raees ka jyada. To No need to say kon lmbi Race ka ghoda hai. Srk ka time tha kbi pr hmesha kbi koi King nae rh skta. Rajesh khanna ka b daur khtm ho gya tha yaar

  17. first watched Kaabil then watched Raees.

    In Kaabil whole time villain ( Roy brothers just nailed it) was dominated, even when the hero was taking revenge villain was dominated hero was just finding a chance to beat him. If they were copying from daredevil series, they should have shown some fantastic revenge actions like the series but HR was shown in bad light. Is it a budget problem….may be.

    After so many years SRK come up with good scripted movie. I must say directing was superb. At the end of the story you might become emotional.

  18. Kabbil is best movie.I have seen both kaabil movie story acting was perfect n raees everything take only for nawazudin acting really hats off acting.shahrukh is not stand against nawaz.n hrithik acting is too damn great.and story really entertaining. N dialogue— AAYEGA NA,DAREGA TO NHI

  19. Raees is excellent compare to Kabil. I have seen both the movies.

    kabil is just a superficial movie without any logic and realities.

    friends try to understand , Raees is true story and honestly SRK had made story true.

  20. Raees is bulshit,fake movie.it is like an old south action movie .
    Kaabil is a must watch movie, heart touching.best ever acting by hritik.
    Go for KAABIL.

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