Rihanna’s Baby’s Name & Son’s Birth Chart: Boyfriend A$AP Rocky and RiRi Became First Time Parents

Rihanna's Son's Name & Baby's Birth Chart: Boyfriend A$AP Rocky and RiRi Became First Time Parents Photo Pic
Rihanna's Son's Name & Baby's Birth Chart: Boyfriend A$AP Rocky and RiRi Became First Time Parents Photo Pic

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have welcomed their first baby. Rihanna gave birth to her son. One of the most famous couples, Rocky and Rihanna, keep on making headlines together for everything they do – marriage hints, new music, arrests, cheating allegations, etc.

They have managed to keep it together while facing difficult times. A$AP Rocky and RiRi have kept their relationship under wraps, but the fans have lately seen them together more than ever. As Rihanna has given birth to a baby boy, there are speculations around her son’s or baby’s name.

What is Rihanna’s baby boy’s name? Has Rihanna named her son?

As of writing this, it’s unclear if Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have named their son. And, if they have named him, what is it? We are yet to receive official confirmation from the couple itself.

On May 13, 2022, Rihanna gave birth to her son. However, she didn’t provide any confirmation or details about the name of her baby boy. However, a source close to the singer shared insights regarding Rihanna’s baby’s name selection in February 2022.

Per the source, RiRi is inclined towards selecting a name that resembles Barbados’ heritage for her baby. The source said that both parents want to honor their cultures. They want to tell the child where they have come from. Rihanna and A$AP Rocky both have the same heritage, i.e., they both are linked to Barbados.

It is still in question what name Rihanna and Rocky will give their son. The source also mentioned that Rihanna would look forward to the Fenty family for inspiration. So, she will get a list of names to pick one from.

It is also plausible that Rihanna may name her child after someone in her own family. It would also make sense, considering her past actions. She has named her beauty line Fenty Beauty and her defunct LVMH clothing line Fenty after her surname.

In 2012, RiRi founded Clara Lionel Foundation. It was also named after her grandparents, Clara and Lionel Braithwaite.

What is Rihanna’s baby’s astrological sign?

We may not get to know the name of Rihanna’s baby just yet. But, we do have an idea about his astrological chart.

The source said that the baby of Rihanna was born with a Taurus star and the Libra moon. He has got the sun on the north node, so he would probably be famous like his parents. The son will be creative and artistic, but the moon is in Libra, so he may not be related to music. It is possible that he could become a fashion designer in the future.

Based on the astrological chart, the baby of A$AP Rock will amass a whopping net worth for Fenty in his lifetime. His Taurus and Libra are being affected by Venus so that he would be a real go-getter.

Per chart, Mercury is retrograde in Gemini, so he would be doing things a little bit backward and may take time to find his groove. Though it would be successful, he would be insecure too. He would see more of his father’s attention than his mother.

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Theories regarding Rihanna’s baby’s name

There have been speculations regarding the name of the baby of Rihanna by fans over social media. Some of them have got unique predictions for RiRi’s baby.

He may get a non-classic and unique name, one fan posted. The fans think Rihanna and Rocky’s baby will bring an exciting name and not a boring one.

Even though there are a lot of speculations going on among the fans and over the social media, no one knows for sure what RiRi and A$AP Rocky are planning for their son until one of the happy parents reveals it.

Nonetheless, the team at TheReporterTimes wishes RiRi and A$AP Rocky for their baby.

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