Olivia Lois Ortz Husband, Age, Height, Instagram Wiki

Olivia Lois Ortz,
Olivia Lois Ortz,

Olivia Lois Ortz, who is recently fired from her job as a high school music director, faces a series of serious charges. Olivia Lois Ortz’s husband recently complained to the school she was teaching in about an affair.

The husband discovered that Olivia Lois Ortz was sexually involved with a 17-year-old student from her class. The accused, Olivia Lois Ortz, 26, has been arrested with two computations of intercourse/sexual contact with a school student.

Among the charges against Olivia Lois Ortz, another charge is unlawful to contact a minor for sexual violations and criminal use of a school owed communication facility.

After a bail of 150,000$, she was later released.

According to the accusations, the music director at Wilmington Area High School snuggled with the 17-year-old. They watched a movie and had sexual relations.

Multiple police interviews with the victim revealed that the victim found herself in a romantic relationship with Olivia Lois Ortz. The victim always considered Olivia Lois Ortz as a “Safe Adult” whom she could trust and confide in.


Olivia Lois Ortz Husband

Ortz’s husband, Cody Ortz, also works for the school district Music Department and is mandated under state law to report “any sexual exploitation, abuse, or misconduct.”

Olivia Lois Ortz Age, Height, Wiki

Olivia Lois Ortz is accused of having improper sexual relations with a 17-year-old student against the state laws. Her height, according to the police photographs, is around 6 feet. She was 26-year-old when her husband Cody Ortz complained to the school about the affair.

According to official accusations, their husband Cody Ortz earlier was of the opinion that she was in a relationship with another adult male.

Later when her husband checked messages on his iPad, the girl treated her relationship with Olivia Lois Ortzas as a consensual romantic relationship.

Olivia Lois Ortz’s social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and LinkedIn are deactivated after the police took action.

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