Singam 3 aka Si3 Movie Review and Yamudu 3 Rating: S3 / C3 Stars Suriya & Shruti Haasan

Singam 3 Movie Review Si3 Rating
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Singam 3 Movie Review Si3 Rating: The much awaited Tamil movie Singam 3 aka Si3 (S3 / C3 / Yamudu 3) and also dubbed as Yamudu 3 in Telugu has been released after being postponed many times. This is the next venture of Hari and Suriya in the film series. The latest sequel also stars Shruti Haasan and Thakur Anoop Singh in vital roles.

It may be the first trilogy in Kollywood. In the first part, i.e., Singham, we get to watch the toughest local cop, followed by Duraisingham who didn’t mind crossing borders to fight the baddies, and now in Si3, he has become a Universal cop. The latest film will write success stories with almost the same team of the franchise.


Singam 3 Movie Review

The secret of the successful sequels lies in its strudy action sequences, Hari who has been adding the local flavors even when the lead character Duraisingham is getting matured with each movie. The director and scriptwriters are increasing the level of adventures for him with each part.

In the first part, it was the local real estate goon Prakash Raj while in the second part, it was the international smuggler Danny. All of them have added extraordinary performances which kept the audience at the edge of their seats. Every time, they have outplayed Indian Police which eventually led them to the Universal cop.

This time, the story starts in Visakhapatnam and movie is based in Andhra Pradesh only. As usual, Duraisingham is chasing the baddies round the clock. Wide angle and aerial shots have been the important parts of this successful franchise over the years. Duraisingham gets deputed there to investigate a murder.

Singam 3 Movie Review Si3 Rating
Singam 3 Movie Review Si3 Rating

Duraisingham starts investigating the case, and during his investigation, he found out that one case is leading to another and eventually to the other parts of the world. It turns out to be a chain of criminal activities around the world.

The Director Hari is known for his own kind of flavors. His style of the screenplay with pace, short scenes, punch dialogues has enough masala for all kinds of audiences. Hari’s way of storytelling has been appreciated in the previous parts. Thus, he has kept it in almost the same way.

Primarily, he tells the Duraisingham’s chronicles and all the pieces for the movie come with it. Shruti Haasan has replaced Hansika in the Si3 / Yamudu 3 aka Singam 3. She has portrayed the character of a bubbly journalist named Kavya. She has spent comic time more with Soori than Suriya.

Singam 3 Movie Review Si3 Rating
Singam 3 Movie Review Si3 Rating

The striking question which comes to everybody’s mind is that if Duraisingham marries Kavya or not this time. Well, it’s up to you. Go, watch and find out. Also, let us know your review. (We will keep our review keep going in the meantime.)

Another talented actress, Anushka appears in the film, but she could have been given more screen time by changing a little bit in the script. In the first half, Duraisingham 3 gives an overview of the entire illegal activities as well as try to find the actual person behind all of those crimes. Thus, it acts as the base layer for the second half.

Duraisingham 3 sets out on a hunting spree after knowing about all the illegal happenings around. The second half has a lot more action than the previous half as it sees the game of outplaying each other in each other’s game. It all makes the screenplay interesting and worth watching.

Singam 3 Movie Review Si3 Rating
Singam 3 Movie Review Si3 Rating

The original Singham franchise was made considering to include a large star cast, and this Si3 is also based on the same model. Soori, Krish, and Robo Shankar were included in the cast this time around. Roboshankar was expected to play a comic role, but he was given a serious one. Soori has kept the audience on the wit side now and then.

The villains employed have played their role superbly. They are given power, and are loud and heavy as well as unreachable to ordinary people. However, their dubbing isn’t at the par level. The music could have been better, and it misses the thumping masala from Devi Sri Prasad. Only the WiWi song is good while the rest of the others are ordinary.

The action sequences have been brilliantly choreographed. In the era of heavy CGI, we got to see some decent flying car and racing scenes. All the credit goes to the director. The film mostly relies on Duraisingham as usual. All the sequels are in the routine. If the director wants to carry forward the franchise, he should bring in more variety, and there shouldn’t be the predictable storyline.

Singam 3 Movie Review Si3 Rating
Singam 3 Movie Review Si3 Rating

Though Suriya has been matured, he didn’t look like an aged person. He has performed with his full energy and portrayed as a ferocious super cop. He has given weight to the movie with his steamy body language.

Singam 3 Rating

TRT gives Si3 3 out of 5 stars.

On the whole, Si3 has Suriya, hardcore action, and racy sequences as its positive highlights. The second heroine could have been improved. Other factors which could have been better are its songs and comic scenes which worked negatively. It marks the return of our very own hero. The first half is a little slow while the second one is good.

Do share your Singam 3 review and S3 rating as you have watched the movie.

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