More than one lakh tweets recorded on ‘SRK HAFIZ SAEED KI BEGAM’ twitter trend: Its Salman Khan vs Shahrukh Khan fans


More than one lakh tweets have been shooted on a twitter trend ‘SRK HAFIZ SAEED KI BEGAM’ quoting Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan to be the wife of Hafiz Sayed. The twitter trend started trending once the fight between the Salman Khan fans and Shah Rukh fans turned into an ugly way. Salman fans and Shah Rukh fans have created accounts on twitter which are like small army camps who attack the persons insulting their superstar.

You can see in the picture that the words used by three twitter accounts. The abusive information is blurred.

Indeed, it was a fact that when two king khans of Bollywood meet each other, they never miss sharing some amazing moments with each other. This picture from Salman Khan’s Instagram clearly shows the love between them despite all differences.

Some people even talked to boycott the SRK’s upcoming movie, Dilwale. That could be the matter of fight, but taking the fight on the extreme level of personal comments is something which twitter is seeing for the first time.

Unethical: This is the very much unethical trend if you don’t agree with someone, accusing him of being a wife of a terrorist is something very wrong. Shah Rukh Khan has done so many patriotic movies than anyone’s else. Questioning his patriotism will be one of the most unethical things.

Mob Mentality: Mob Mentality have been observed of the twitter users who were trending the hashtag. Most of them are a fan of Shah Rukh Khan also but the words are being used on twitter is some which can make anyone ashamed of what they are actually writing.