Swaragini 9th December 2015 Wednesday Episode 205 | Colors TV: Ragini Becomes New Owner Of Maheshwari’s Wealth

Swaragini 14th March 2016

Swaragini 9th December 2015: Today’s episode of the daily soap show started with Lakshya slipping out of his car and held the tree branches to prevent himself from falling in the valley. Ragini went to rescue him while shouting his name. She asked him to hold the tree tighter while saying that she won’t let anything happen to him. Ragini called Swara for help. Swara tried to help but couldn’t. (watch: All Episodes of Swaragini.)

Sanskar reached and pulled Lakshya upwards and saved him. After saving him, Sanskar scolded Swara for trying to become a superwoman. He asked to her that she should have told him about her plan if anything happened to her. He got concerned for her. Swara replied that that’s why she didn’t tell him. Ragini asked Lakshya if he was okay and at the same time, she recalled her kidnapping incident.

Swaragini 9th December 2015

Just after it, Garodia and Maheshwari family arrived at the scene. All shocked to know about the incident. Swara told Lakshya that Ragini loves him very much. She questioned him for being so disgusting towards her. Further, she said to him that she got to know that he was planning something bad against her sister. (check: Hate Story 3 collections.)

Swara, further said, that she had eyes on him and doubted when Lakshya himself said about the kidnappers nail marks. She continued that though Uttar confessed but it was not the work of her alone as it was clear that she had no marks on her hand. Then, Swara took Lakshya’s hand and showed it to everybody. His hand had nail marks.

And regarding the green light of which Ragini pointed out earlier, it was from the Lakshya’s wrist watch. Swara told everybody that he lost his watch during his act and she picked it up. Moreover, she told that she hid behind the car back seat and called Dadi and Maa at their exact location.

Swaragini 9th December 2015

Meanwhile, Ragini accepted that she did very bad to him, but he had proceeded a step ahead and tried to kill her. Lakshya replied that he wanted to throw her out of his life at any cost. Adding to his statement, he said that he loves Swara and wanted her in his life, but she got married to Sanskar and he couldn’t anything.

Further, he accused her for all being at that place. He continued that he didn’t want her and emphasized that he wants the same now too citing that he hates her very much. He, again, accused her for bringing crack in his and Swara’s relationship and said that he just wanted to punish her. Annapurna slapped him at the next moment.


Annapurna asked him if he even felt shame for kidnapping his own wife and then tried to kill her. She added that, he even took the help of his sister in his motive. Annapurna said that he didn’t do the right thing. Lakshya apologized to Ragini as Annapurna asked him to do.

Swaragini 9th December 2015

Lakshya confessed but said that he didn’t know when his hatred turned into revenge. He apologized again to Ragini and then to Swara. Dadi didn’t seemed convinced by his apology and said that he won’t get forgiveness for it. Durga Prasad said that he saw a criminal inside him. Dadi said that he is a criminal and will go to jail. Police arrived and Dadi asked inspector to arrest him which shocked everybody there.

Dadi told inspector that Lakshya tried to kill her granddaughter. Annapurna folded her hand while asking her to not to arrest her son. She asked Durga Prasad to say something, to which he asked Dadi to think about her decision once again. Durga Prasad said that he will punish Lakshya, but don’t get him arrested.

But, Dadi didn’t listen him and asked Inspector to do his job. Inspector said that Lakshya can get death penalty for the same and arrested and took him. Just then, Annapurna fainted and collapsed. Everyone rushed to her. Ragini cried, meanwhile, as usual. Swara asked her to open her eyes.

Swaragini 9th December 2015

Doctor informed Durga Prasad about the mild heart attack which Annapurna got. Dadi asked Durga Prasad to handover his entire wealth to Ragini in order to save his wife. He did the same. Ragini got make over and said that now onwards, she will write a different destiny for Maheshwari family. She slapped Lakshya. Swara shouted Ragini’s name.

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