Swaragini 20th October 2015 Colors TV Tuesday Episode

Swaragini 20th October 2015: Today’s episode started with Lakshya who was seen talking to Swara and apologizing for the mistake of not trusting her. Swara forgave him. Then, he thanked her once again. After that, he told her that he has something to talk about and will trust her. He asked her to start a new life with him after the divorce. Swara shocked to know it. Then, she turned and looked at Sanskar. Bigg boss 9 day 9.

While in the Maheshwari house, Durga Prasad was discussing with Dadi and Shekhar to give Swara-Sanskar’s relation a chance. Sujata added her opinion that they are themselves making decisions in a hurry. They should contact them at least once. Dadi apologized Sumi for overhearing her. Sumi replied that she is her granddaughter too and has no objection. Diya aur baati hum.

Swaragini 20th October 2015

She agreed to discuss with them too. Durga Prasad also agreed and said that the decision will be made only after if they agree. Sujata tried to take responsibility to talk to Sanskar, but Annapurna took it. Sujata thought that everyone is trying to a Bengali girl her daughter-in-law. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

Swara asked Sanskar if that’s what for he brought her there. Sanskar replied that he didn’t know about that. Lakshya also confirmed it and said that he didn’t tell Sanskar about it. Swara told Lakshya that he has been the husband of her sister always. Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi.

Lakshya said that he came into relationship with Ragini due to deception. Swara said that she didn’t want to listen to such nonsense and added that relations can’t be broken just like that and the meaning of relations has different to her. kumkum bhagya.

Lakshya said that he will meet her when she left him. Swara told him that she has moved on in life. Lakshya asked her if it’s because he married Ragini. Swara replied that it since the day when he stopped believing and doubting her. She added that Ragini did wrong but he gave her a chance to be successful in her plans. Moreover, she said that he thought that she left him and he didn’t think that she was eager to marry him.

Swaragini 20th October 2015

Swara told him that he took a wrong decision in anger in the past and now repeating the same again. She reminded him that it was his decision to marry Ragini, thus there is no point to blame her for that. She told him that Ragini loves him very much and added that their love was weaker, that’s why it broke and they were separated. She strictly let him know that the situations have been changed and they can’t become one now and asked him to accept the truth.

Swara let Sanskar know that she will be there always for him if he needs her. But, she also added beyond that they will have no relation because of what he did, it marks the end of their friendship. Lakshya said that it was her decision and it is now his decision to throw out Ragini from his life. He, further, said that just as he can’t accept him back in her life, similarly, he can’t accept Ragini back in his life and she can’t do anything about it.

Swaragini 20th October 2015

Ragini heard all talks. Swara looked stumbled. Sanskar held her hand and said that nothing can happen to her. Lakshya left her hand and Swara walked away. Ragini got reminders of Lakshya’s words. Swara returned home and was thinking about all. Ragini followed her. Sanskar tried to talk to her via calling her, but she disconnected the call.

Ragini told Swara that she heard their whole conversation and accepted that she did wrong getting blindfolded in love and being her sister. She asked her not to forgive her. Swara told her that the situation is not as it seems. Ragini said that she will make everything fine again.

Dadi, Sumi, and Shekhar returned home. Dadi called Swara inside to talk about something. Sumi invited Ragini inside too. Ragini asked them that how have they forgiven her for whatever she did to them and asked them to punish her. Sumi replied that she did being childish but it’s the duty of parents to teach children the right way of doing the things. Ragini hugged Sumi.

Swaragini 20th October 2015

While, in other frame, Lakshya was seen apologizing Sanskar because Swara got angry with Sanskar because of him. Sanskar asked Lakshya that why did he let her know that he wanted her to return in his life. Lakshya asked him if he would let her love of life to go away so easily. Then, Sanskar recalled the moment when he proposed Swara. Further, he asked Sanskar if he really loves Swara. Sanskar looked on.

Lakshya told Sanskar that Swara still loves him and they are meant to get together. Dadi told Swara that her relation with Sanskar is strong. While Annapurna asked Sanskar to give a chance to his married life.

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