‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 9 Release Date: Will Ian Somerhalder be back or not? Everything We Know

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the vampire diaries season 9 trailer

The Vampire Diaries Season 9: The release date will be updated. The month of March was delightful for showing the ending of The Vampire Diaries s8. On March 10, 2017, the CW series was given a final ending. There are hopes that the series will be given a reboot. The audience is excited to see Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesly, and Nina Dobrev in the next season.

Damon Salvatore must be back in season 9! Ian Somerhalder who enacted as Damon for eight seasons is expected to be seen in the upcoming installment too. Back in March 2017, he had teased fans that the team/crew started shooting for the The Vampire Diaries season 9. He took the ring of Damon as a memoir in an interview.

The Vampire Diaries Season 9 Release Date

Somerhalder, even, himself mentioned that he is not going to get attached to the series anymore. But, just as the conclusion of TVD Season8 was out, everyone is shouting out for the new season. Though there will be the next installment, Somerhalder won’t be a part of it. So, any hopes for seeing Somerhalder in season 9 will be just a hoax.

Somerhalder is showing his interest to live on a ranch in Wyoming. And doesn’t seems excited to have any conversation with the team cast or the views. He seems to have seen the end. His utmost desire has been fulfilled and now, he wishes to enjoy his days within himself. Also, he stated that the closure was beautifully crafted.

Julie Plec also mentioned that Damon Salvatore will no longer be a part of The Vampire Diaries anymore. Also, there won’t be any Damon Salvatore spinoff. Maybe, the resume button will just get clicked as soon as Plec’s vacation comes to an end. Paul also denies his entry in the series or a part of the supernatural drama.

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the vampire diaries season 9 release date, the vampire diaries season 9 cast, the vampire diaries season 9 trailer, the vampire diaries season 9 spoilers, the vampire diaries season 9 plot, the vampire diaries season 9 characters
the vampire diaries season 9 trailer

Ian and Paul clarify that the youthful vampires have just ended their journey with the series. They are not completely showing opposition to the TV series. It’s only their excitement level which has come down to a zero after doing much work with the team.

They happily are willing to conclude their parts. Now, we now ay spin-off ideas holding these two vampires would be just our dreamy thoughts which aren’t going to be true anyhow.


During April 2016, we heard a tweet from him that said there wouldn’t be any more seasons left after the eighth installment to be shown. Soon, he discovered his information was wrong and then, he apologized for his mistaken words for the series.

But he showed his confirmation on leaving the show after s8. And there’s no doubt that the series will continue further.

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Also, we heard the viewpoint of Plec in concern with the talks. She said that she would be not entertaining the series until she hasn’t relaxed properly. Relaxation here in terms of vacations. She spent her time on holiday and has relaxed.

Later, her work with the series will be continued. She is out for hunting some new picks (ideas and cast) for the story.

Plec said that there would be some old cast to lead in the possible spinoff rather than roping in the new cast. Nina Dobrev has also left the TVD series. It would probably be renewed on a different network this time.

The last installment premiered in October 2016. But, so far, there have no updates on the premiere date of TVD s9.


Even if the main characters and the writer have left the show, it doesn’t mean that it won’t continue further. If you can recall, Somerhalder, in April 2016, had tweeted that Vampire Diaries will end with season 8. But, he later apologized for the wrong information.

However, he confirmed that he is going to leave the series but the series could continue. Also, the network CW hasn’t canceled the show officially yet.

The Vampire Diaries is being followed by a successful spin-off series – The Originals. It is entirely possible that one more spin-off series could be launched in the future.

Have any ideas for The Vampire Diaries next season? Which character do you want back in the series again? Use the comment box below to share your thoughts with us.

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  1. Not worth returning TVD unless Damon & Elena are in it – Ian needs to get over his previous comments about being done with young vampires.
    Damon became human, so it could centre on Damon & Elena’s human lives – aging – they could have children.

  2. No me gusta la idea de ver the vampire diaries sin Elena o Damon Salvatore,la verdad pudo haber tenido mejor final espero en la próxima temporada estén ya que muchos fanáticos los aclaman

  3. its not worth the return if Damon, Elena and Stefan are not going to be in it they are the main characters and Nina, Ian and Paul did a brilliant job pertraying their roles it just wouldn’t be the same.

  4. What bout Bonnie? She could find a way to being enzo back to life. Or what about Caroline, her and Alaric could be meant for each other. They could find a way back to each other and raise their twins.. Also the donation from Klaus? Go forward with the story on that and the upcoming battles. You all can’t seriously sit here and say you have only watched episodes with Elana and Damon and Stephan I lost interest with Stephan in season 6. And the Elena and Damon drama lost me when she was put into a slumber..

    Bring in a long lost Salvator brother, or a long lost son? And adopted child?

    Bring back Jeremy and Vicky?

    So many more things TVD is great for and lack of intensity is not one of them.

  5. i agree with you completely Klaus and Caroline could have a life together. Jeremy could be brought back, Enoz could be revived. Their really are so many directions the series can go in.

    • Please bring back the VD another Season. The love story with Damon and Elena make the show. Love to see Bonnie find her love again Jeremy…..Stefan needs to come again. Fans love you all. waiting for Season 9…..

  6. Damon, Elena and Stefan are the main characters..there is so much more to give. Please try to make on going series.. totally fabulous! ?

  7. I love the vampire diaries but I think season 9 was so pointless because they focused it on the sirens and that evil black guy and it made no season to make the baddest bitch Katherine think the best revenge would be to blow up mystic falls she’s worth more than that and putting Nina alseep was pointless because im not trying to be rude but basing it on coriline got really boring people wanna see drama extramural drama love and excitement I think season 8 needs to be thought again I love vampire diaries but that was the one that lost everyone’s attention Katherine needs to come back a Steffen there so much work to be done BC you can’t give fans crap on the last season there’s not point off doing a season 9 without the main characters in sorry and everyone wants a season 9 so even if Nina and the other cast signed off for the show they should wanna give the fans what they want BC 8 wasn’t the best so they should return for season 9

  8. i guess season 9 should now focus more on other characters than Elena n Damon they had their share… i guess its now time for Bonnie Lorenzo Matt and specially Caroline n Klaus… Klaus n Caroline story seems promising.

  9. I definitely think there should be a season 9. They should continue Josie and lizzies’s story…I mean they are the last geminis.And maybe…I don’t know , maybe freya and hope could come and help the twins with controlling their power?

  10. I agree with bringing back the series. I have never been impacted by a series like this one really hit home. Definitely my favorite ever. Damon is my favorite character and without Elena pointless. Agree with bringing Stephen and Enzo back to life. I also loved the idea of bringing Klaus and Caroline together. Of course, I leave the writing to the writer which in my opinion is a bad ass. Elena leaving the show was her choice writer had to put her to sleep which was a huge downer. She was the main character felt something missing during seasons 7 and 8 without her.

  11. Bring back vampire diaries and the originals they was the best TV shows on TV I live for those shows bring all the cast back on both shows


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