Westworld Season 2: Release Date and Everything so far

Westworld season 2
Westworld season 2

Westworld Season 2 is soon approaching to us. Wow, that seems to be a good news. Doesn’t it? Really amazing! The western drama is set to be on views by 2018. Thinking about the number of episodes? Let me do the honor of telling you about it.

As season 1 revealed 10 episodes, the same can be predicted for season2 also. By the time of the closure of season1, HBO channel just revealed something surprising. They mentioned the TV series would soon come up with the new season. That news just got to take action now.

Westworld Season 2: News, Updates & Rumors

Getting thrilling vibes? My zeal is just rising up! It is but natural as the news sounds damn good. Surprisingly, no confirmation has been made yet regarding the upcoming of the trailer. Just because the record is holding in progress.

Imagination! Imagination! This word seems to have a great connection with the series. But why so? Oh come on, don’t act like we’ll aren’t aware of the imaginary Westworld, where the tale sets. The thought topic of the park is enriched with technology, precocious feature, and fun run up by Android hosts. Eminent lump sum amount payees can found a place as a guest in the Westworld.

Westworld Season 2 Cast & Characters

Thinking about the starring cast? Let’s make some predictions! The main parts would be coming back for sure. For whom, are you waiting for? Dolores or Teddy? Maeve or Bernard?

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Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores is about to stay as the oldest host. The gunfighter, James Marsden as Teddy. Thandie Newton as Maeve, the madam. Jeffrey Wright as Bernard would remain the head again. The producer hasn’t shown any confirmation regarding the casting team. All in all, we solved the puzzle of revealing cast team from the clues of the actors.

Westworld season 2
Westworld season 2

Ford (Anthony Hopkins) could appear in a flashback. The Man in Black, older William (Jimmi Simpson) will be back. We may not see young William in S2. Ben Barnes who plays Logan would wrap up Netflix’s The Punisher before Westworld 2 begins. Talulah Riley as Angela will be seen more than before. Louis Herthum as robot Peter Abernathy will be seen as a series regular.

Katja Herbers will be a series regular and play Grace.

Westworld Season 2 Plot / Storyline: Theories

You’ll be thinking about the plot and stuff about the new segment. There hadn’t revealed much information about the new season. As there’s still much time left for the show yet. Hopefully, we are gonna see happening of some new events. Looking backward, we can say that the first season’s story revolved around the hosts which fought against their human ruler.

All in all, we can conclude that the very first season was just kept away from disorderly situations. Because of that, the 1st installment turned out to be one filled with calmness. For the second season, some clues got revealed with useful information. So, it was that the new installment would come up as an opposite to s1. Opposite in the sense- calmness would be changed by tragedy. Basically, it would focus more on Ford’s plan.

Westworld Season 2 Spoilers & Predictions


So, the second season will come out with the plans of Ford. Revealing about what he sort of doing and most importantly reflecting his thinking towards the problem. So, what’s gonna happen next? That’s what all about the season 2 had been talking. The climax of season1 showed the end of the life of Ford. Hopefully, in the coming installment, we would get to see that it was his duplicate who received his final call of life.

So, that seems to tell us that Ford is still in the race of running a life. Reflection of Ford’s thinking and his planned views would be seen in the Westworld season 2. Now, I think you’ll feel elated for the show and waiting to just finish up the distance between the time at present and the time the show will come. Contrasting views would make it more magnifying. I am sure no one could get the off eyes for a moment even while watching the series this time.

Ready for a new season? I’ve made up all my plans to view the show. Someone seems to blush! OMG! That’s the creator, Jonathan Nolan, and Lisa Joy. Their inside happiness about the show can be just seen. Though they hadn’t shown any readiness about revealing any details. But that’s just for creating curiosity in the minds of people. You’ll be thinking that God may finish up the time quickly so that we get to view the show.

Let’s open the mystery box! So, it holds up a pop-up for us. The producers just showed a little light on season 2. There comes up the news that this time season2 wouldn’t begin from where the first season left. Instead, it would turn out with a new beginning.

Westworld Season 2 Release Date & Episodes

It won’t be out on our screens till 2018. It’s because of the production, as well as the writing, are very much challenging and ambitious as told by Nolan. If you remember, they had to halt the filming of season1 midway to finesse the script. The filming for the next installment will begin in summer 2017.

This again sounds exciting for the viewers. My mind is just making a seat for the show and got some popcorn too ready. That calls for a moment of a giggle! Doesn’t it? Yes. But definitely, this time it’s gonna be much more interesting than before. All brand new episodes and story would be so magnifying to view.

There will be a total of 10 episodes.

Westworld Season 2 Trailer

Westworld Season 2

The official website got updated in July 2017 with presumably its teaser. It seems that someone is broadcasting a disastrous call. Could it be Elsie or Stubbs? We would get to see how the Hosts are made in the upcoming installment. Westworld season 2 returns to HBO and Sky Atlantic in 2018.

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