‘The 100’ Season 5: CW Renews The Show and Everything To Know

The 100 Season 5
The 100 Season 5

The 100 Season 5: Whoosh! My flashlight just blinked! Here’s a notification. Oops! What happened to the climax of ‘The 100’ series? It just switched out the whole lot. Attention everyone! Blockheads are arising this finale. Have you watched? Go and give it a look. The final exit just gave a magnifying look.

Viewers must have held their breath to view the climax. This was really satisfying to the wanting needs of the onlookers. Now we’ll get to know what was missing or what was still left in the show. Satisfying to see a completely unknown episode. We can’t say the show didn’t try it in the backward seasons to give a blockbuster. Some efforts definitely took our looks on the show that we went up to see the closure.

The 100 Season 5: News, Updates, Rumors

Now, are you willing to feel soothing? Or somewhat elated? Let me not take too long. My mind is continuously ringing a bell to reveal a good news to you’ll. After, no doubt it’s an amazing notification for you’ll. Have you heard ‘The show must go on’? I have many times. The same we can apply to ‘The 100’ series. Yes, it is coming once again on your TV sets soon.

The reunion of Octavia with Bellamy is gonna make us emotional in the new season. Are you ready to hear the science fiction once again? The scenes of ‘The 100’ just made our eyes filled with emotions. They just looked like a realistic situation that one could face in a lifetime. Viewing the show, we’ll have felt so connected to all the characters and sometimes made us think ‘What if we were in the same situation’.

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The 100 Season 5 Release Date

Talking about the release date, I would like to mention that the show will air in the year 2018. CW just showed their confirmation on the renewal of the show. Any official date for the show is yet to be announced. Time passes by quickly and so our wait for the will soon come to an end.

There seems to be a lot of excitement for the show in the eyes of the onlookers. Well, this is natural enough. With no doubt, we’ll hope to see some kind of an unknown situation. The mystery box for the show is yet filled with a lot more to be revealed. There’s some time still left to wait for the sequel to come. But definitely, some information about the new season seems to be caught up.

The 100 Season 5
The 100 Season 5

Our hopes have no end. Now, you’ll be filled up with a lot of questions in your mind. This is natural no doubt. Anyone who’s connected with the show would feel the same. At the closure, we got to see some threat coming to the ship which carried prisoners. So, may be the new season would show some connection again in this regard.

Will the new season come up with the people who are not able to reach the surface? Or are the dead, no more in the race of running a life? Tragic can even happen or get a rescue. Both the situation have equal possible chances. We can’t give a confirmation for anyone. Season 5 could cast the about the bunker too.

Something eye-capturing about season 5 has yet not been released. Maybe due to the longer availability of the time for the opening of the new season, we’ll are still put up in curiosity. Later on, the producer would come up to make comments for the advertisement of the show. Waiting for that!

Hope some clues get joined and we get to solve the puzzle of cast and characters of the show. Who’s confirmed or who’s still in the running to be a part of the show. But yes, the renewal is 100% confirmed. No cancellation has been done for the show. The tale would get start to its record soon. Hopefully, then we’ll get to hear some news and updates.

The 100 Season 5 Cast & Characters

The sequel involved many teenagers in the cast. ‘Eliza Taylor’ acted as ‘Clarke Griffin’ in the show. ‘Bellamy Blake’ showed up as ‘Bob Morley’. The most important one ‘Octavia Blake’, it was performed by ‘Marie Avgeropoulos’. ‘Devon Bostick’ seemed as ‘Jasper Jordan’ and so on the cast was well remarkable.

They showed up their excellent performance and made the show an amazing one. Acting came out to be so realistic that it touched the hearts of many viewers. Remember the destroying nuclear apocalypse? Horrible it was! With god’s majesty for the show, it captured the eyes of many viewers at a time.

The 100 Season 5
The 100 Season 5

2018 seems to be gladly captured up with the show. Coming up with all new episodes, ‘The 100’ would hopefully make us feel not to give up on the show anyhow. No doubt new events would be surrounded up in the season yet to come. For further updates, stay connected to TheReporterTimes !!!

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