Who is Barbara Sienkiewicz Aktorka – Wiki Bio of 67 years old Mother

Barbara Sienkiewicz Aktork
Barbara Sienkiewicz Aktork

Barbara Sienkiewicz is a Polish actress hailed as “the oldest mother in Poland.” First, she gave birth to twins at the age of 60! Then, due to the great interest in her person, she withdrew from show business. This is how Barbara Sienkiewicz lives today.

The actress became famous in 2015. Her pregnancy surprised the public, and the media wrote extensively about “the oldest mother in Poland.”

Today Barbara Sienkiewicz is 67 years old. Although the star appeared infamous series such as “Ranch,” “Kryminalni,” “Klan,” or “M jak miłość,” she decided to withdraw from show business. Now it protects your privacy a lot.

The “oldest mother in Poland” children are seven years old today. Barbara Sienkiewicz gave birth to a boy named Piotr and a girl named Ania. She brings up her children on her own. “The father of the child has neither rights nor obligations towards children,” she said a few years ago in an interview with TVN.

Although the paparazzi did not leave Barbara a step, today, little is known about how she lives. Media reports show actress, apart from pair of seven-year-olds, looks after her mo ther, who is in a wheelchair. The woman is to live with her daughter and grandchildren.


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How does “the oldest mother in Poland” live today? According to “Super Express,” despite the financial problems, the actress is doing great. Her children are passionate about art. Daughter Ania is not yet attracted to acting. But a ballet!

Barbara Sienkiewicz’s son, Piotruś, was to start his adventure with acting. Already in 2020, he began performing in the theater. He appeared on the stage of the National Opera in “Madame Butterfly.” There he played the son of the main character. According to the theater employee, the boy did a great job and aroused the audience’s admiration.

The 67-year-old has confronted the media a few times; however, she consistently denied offering responses about her accomplice. It appears to be that the entertainer would instead not make more debate.

The Polish entertainer likes to get her own life far from the media and the general population. Thus, one ought to regard her security.

Barbara Sienkiewicz Children Details Barbara Sienkiewicz is a mother of twin kids she brought forth in 2014.

Currently, the Polish entertainer dwells in Warsaw with her two youngsters, Ania and Piotrus. Assuming that sources are accepted, her children are in healthy condition.

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