Who is Joel Mandel in Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard Defamation Trial Day 22

Joel Mandel
Joel Mandel

Joel Mandel appeared in Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard Defamation Trial Day 22. Joel Mandel recently revealed that he is aware of Mr. Depp’s current financial situation, which was dire in 2015 and 2016. Former Business Manager Joel Mandel worked for Johnny Depp for years.

Joel Mandel was working at The Management Group and handling Depp’s account on behalf of the company. The witness, Joel Mandel, is Johnny Depp’s former business manager, whom he sued and settled with for misappropriating millions of dollars from him. Mandel has since faced federal investigation for fraud.

In the court, when Elaine Bredehoft specifically asked Joel Mandel if he had ever been “found guilty of malfeasance, malpractice or embezzlement by any entity,” Mandel answered, “No.”

Mandel also testified how Depp’s lavish lifestyle grew as he landed big roles, and it was more challenging to sustain when he ceased getting them. He said Depp was spending $10,000 a day on his security guard-and the same amount every month on nurses & doctors.

In his testimony, Mandel also accused Johnny Depp of indemnifying the alleged deterioration induced to properties and rentals by Depp and his associates when he employed him.

In 2017, Depp sued The Management Group and alleged that Mandel’s firm had misappropriated millions of dollars without his authorization. That case was settled privately after The Management Group countersued Depp before hearing of the case.

Who is Joel Mandel

Joel Mandel is currently the VP of Beverly Hills-based The Management Group (TMG). TMG handles management for high ticket clients in the Entertainment space. It provides management and consulting services to actors, millionaires, and billionaires.

Mandel along with his relative Robert Mandel is working for TMG for years. President Robert Mandel of TMG was not directly in contact with Depp. According to business directories, TMG first started in 1987. There are three key partners in the firm

  1. President Robert Mandel
  2. Vice President Joel Mandel
  3. Howard Leiter

As per the information revealed in the testimony, Johnny Depp sold a few properties upon being advised by Joel Mandel. His testimony played a crucial role in determining the lifestyle of Johnny Depp for the court.

Joel Mandel’s testimony in Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard

Joel Mandel, from TMG, accused Johnny of spending lavishly on unnecessary expenses. He however didn’t claim that Mr. Depp was engaged in substance use. Joel Mandel highlighted the extravagant spending on “Prescription Pills”

Joel Mandel testimony:

“My warnings in 2015 that we were in very dire financial circumstances were not met very well … In that 2010 and on timeframe. As I recall income was very significant, spending was very significant. At various times, when we would have these conversations, he would acknowledge that he understood … and would make expressions of a commitment to do with me what was necessary. He was on a very successful trajectory. The success of the Pirates films obviously catapulted him to a different level of success. That was a career thing, but it was also a financial thing.”

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