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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th February 2016: YHM latest episode is out. Ishita is in the jail and these are desperately tring to free her. Did she get a bail as Raman is planning? Did she has to stay in the jail? Take a look at what happened next. (see: YHM all episodes.)

The episode begins with Ishita getting cooking utensils and prisoners taunt her and ask warden to give them food and jail warden beats a womn and Ishita looks on. The woman even scolds Ishita for staring at her and Ishita sits and a woman asks her to leave as it is her place and Ishita goes somewhere. Ishita cries and Raman talks on phone and asks Abhishek to find a reason very quickly.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th February 2016

Abhishek feels guilty and says Ishita might not have done this. I know her and says my medals are waste in front of her. Raman ends call and Warden throws food plates for the prisoners and Ishita looks ona dn she asks Ishiat to have food  as homemade food will not come here. Ishita sees food and says I will eat later and leaves. In the house, Mrs. Bhalla comes and asks Raman to have some food and he says my wife is in jail and I can’t even have a good sleep.

He throws the plate and says look at Ruhi and her state. She pacifies him and they cry. Ishita goes into FB where she fights with Raman with pillows and they hug in the end. Raman sees the pic and cries. Dil kahin rukta nai………plays…….. Ishita cries. The next morning Ishita shouts Neelu wake the kids and everyone start laughing and the warden says your maid isn’t here yet and everyone taunt her.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th February 2016

Neelu asks whether to wake kids or not and Mrs. Bhalla says we must not take them to school for few days as Ishita is in jail and look at her state. Raman says he will drop them at school and says my kids are strong and they hug him. He asks Mrs. Bhalla to pack tiffin for them and also for Ishita as he is going to her after dropping kids.

Ruhi and Adi think of Ishita at school and think how can we free her and he say we can’t do anything as it is police case and we are young, Ruhi says but Abhishek is Raman’s friends and he says we have to pray so much that Ishita gets released soon. Sanaya’s birthday is celebrated in the class and she gives chocolates to Teacher and she says I can’t take it as I am on fast and will; not eat unless it is done. Ruhi thinks and asks Adi to meet her in the lunch.

Raman argues with jail staff saying it’s just homemade food and they say that can’t be allowed and Abhishek comes there and says sorry Raman we can’t a low that inside, rules are rules. He says your mistake can trouble Ishita and we are about to get a bail. Raman slaps him.

Amma asks a lawyer why are they stopping us from meeting Ishita and he says they all think Ishita is the murder and is the prime suspect in the case. Raman is losing control and I even came to know that he even slapped Abhishek outside the jail. Mihika says what, Raman did that and Iyers worry.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th February 2016

Ruhi and Adi meet for lunch and he asks her to have her fav food and she says he is on fast for Ishita’s release and he too keeps fast. Ishita asks Raman, why did you slap him? He is helping us and asks him to not to lose his cool again. Raman says I came to give you homemade food and she cries and says to get her out asap.

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