Zendaya Gets Beaten Up In Viral Twitter Fight Video: Assault Debunked

Zendaya Gets Beaten Up In Viral Twitter Fight Video: Assaulted Debunked
Zendaya Gets Beaten Up In Viral Twitter Fight Video: Assaulted Debunked

A viral video of a young woman, a lookalike of Zendaya, being beaten up has caused people to believe it might be her, but based on the visible evidence shown, it isn’t. The TMZ fight video is attached below.

The 7-second-long video makes rounds this Sunday. It features somebody hitting a poor girl inside of a store somewhere. After the person is done beating, they start kicking, and send her back due to which she ends up hitting her head against a wall.

The video is indeed extremely violent, and there appears to be no context whatsoever for when or where it took place, who was involved, or why.

People would be inclined to believe they’re seeing Zendaya, at the very least from the flashes of this girl’s face you may see in the video. Yes, we’ll admit that it does appear to be Zendaya, especially during her ‘Euphoria’ sequence.

Again, it’s impossible to say when or if this has been Zendaya or not, but in any case, Z isn’t sporting this length of hair right now. She currently sports a shorter hairstyle, as you can see in recent pap photographs of her in Massachusetts.

She’s wearing bright-colored Crocs in this video, whereas her shoe wear is quite different. Zendaya wears sneakers in the film and has openly declared that she’ll choose between tennis shoes or heels, not combining them. Zendaya hasn’t been spotted in Crocs on any of the images we’ve looked through.

Did Zendaya Get Beat Up? Video

The bottom line is that, while there’s no concrete evidence this is Zendaya, Twitter still got her trending right now due to the suspicion it may be her. However good or bad a person’s intentions may be, though, others have noted that by mocking this situation, people are sending the wrong message.

Even if it’s a copycat, shooting and repeating an attack on a woman of color is seen by many as a disturbing trend — just the latest example.

We’ve reached out to Zendaya’s staff for comment. She hasn’t spoken about it yet, but if she isn’t the culprit, it’ll be worth debunking… ’cause this rumour is spreading fast.

Zendaya is a film and music performer. She has been recognized for her work in the media, including a Primetime Emmy Award. In 2022, Time magazine included her on its annual list of the 100 most powerful people in the world.

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