Nepal Plane Crash Video Went Viral on Facebook: 22 Dead including 2 Germans


A Tara Air ATR42-500 twin otter aircraft operated by a local airline crashed in Nepal Mountains today. The twin jet was carrying 22 people aboard, it crashed on Sunday morning in Nepal.

At 10:15 a.m., a small plane departed from Nepal’s Pokhara for Jomson, a well-known mountain tourist destination in Nepal. According to a Tara airline spokesperson, the aircraft lost radio contact with the control tower 15 minutes after takeoff.

The missing Tara Air ATR42-500 plane was carrying four Indians, two Germans, and 13 Nepalese citizens. There were 3 crew members in the plane including 1 pilot. After flying from the Pokhara, it vanished from the radarscope over Mustang District and redirected to Mount Dhaulagiri before disappearing.

Nepal, with the world’s highest mountain peak and more than 3,300 kilometers of unpaved roads, has a history of plane crashes on its huge domestic air network, with weather and airstrips in difficult-to-reach mountain locations. Nepal is home to many affordable short-duration flight operators which serve the tourism industry.


Later, the Nepal Army tracked down the Pilot’s mobile phone to determine the plane’s location and the army officials confirmed they had seen the debris. On Monday morning (May 30), Nepal’s Army posted a picture of the wreckage on social media, confirming that it had crashed. Later the army confirmed that there were no survivors in the plane crash.

Nepal Plane Crash Reason

According to Nepal’s Aviation Minister, the unexpected Cloudy Atmosphere was the reason behind Nepal Plane Crash. Due to a change in the monsoon clouds, the Indian subcontinent is expecting rains 3 days prior to its scheduled timeframe.

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